Digitalab Camera Film Development: New System, Now Even Easier!

Our official lab partner Digitalab has just upgraded their entire camera film development system to be even easier to use! We have a quick look at the process and show how it can be done.

Digitalab camera film development image

About Digitalab

Digitalab have been our official lab partner since we first started preparing to launch, and we've always been impressed by the high quality of their work. Established in 1949 (!) they have adapted and evolved over the years to cope with the changing needs of the professional and hobbyist photography community.

Despite the surge of digital across the noughties - and their resultant name-change from 'Mobile Photo Services' - Digitalab maintained their machinery and their expertise in developing and printing photo film. And now with the resurgence of analogue, they are investing back into these systems to make camera film development easy and accessible for today's analogue photographers.

What's Changed?

Just because we use analogue processes to shoot images, doesn't mean we need analogue processes to order prints! Digitalab's new web portal allows you to quickly and easily select the lab services you need - photo film development or printing for example - add to cart, and then include your order number when you post your films.

As soon as the film arrives at the lab, the order number is scanned and you get an automatic email telling you that your pictures are safe. You'll also get emails when your films have finished developing and they're winging their way back to you - giving you peace of mind through the entire process.

Head over to their camera film development page here to try it out: Digitalab Film Processing

ilford hp5 35mm film and olympus camera

Exclusive Discount!

And of course, as official Analogue Wonderland partners, Digitalab offer a 10% discount on camera film development to all of our customers. Which again is made easier by the new system: now you simply add "AW10" as a discount code at checkout when paying for your photo film development or other services!

What's Next? A Competition...

We will shortly be announcing a competition to submit YOUR analogue images! The winner will have their photo printed in large format on a brand new Top Secret printing paper (spoiler alert: it looks AMAZING) and displayed at trade fairs across the UK across the early part of Jan 2019 as part of Digitalab's 'Are You Film Curious?" initiative. Watch this space for more info about both this exciting partnership with Digitalab and their camera film development services.

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