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Looking for a Pro-Grade Budget 35mm Film? Check Out Pro Image 100 from Kodak!

Posted on July 24 2018

Timed nicely for anyone still on the fence about whether to get involved with our Kodak Competition and Giveaway - we are proud to bring you an emulsion that is new to European and North American markets! In terms of price, Kodak's Pro Image 100 is effectively a budget 35mm film. But when it comes to image quality, this is anything but a cheap-end offering.

Excellent results at a bargain price? What's not to like? Kodak Image Pro budget 35mm film is now in stock and available to buy from Analogue Wonderland as the Kodak Pro Image 100 5-pack.

Originally conceived in 1997 as an 'affordable' and robust professional film for the South American, Asian and African markets, Pro Image 100 is designed to be exceptionally resistant to heat and humidity. This makes it perfect for summer holidays - whether you're taking it abroad in tropical climes, or staying local and riding out the UK heatwave!

But do not make the mistake of thinking the budget price point and robust nature will in some way compromise image quality. This is a budget 35mm film in price only, but in results it fully lives up to it's name; Pro Image. The colours are accurate and saturated, there is great underexposure latitude and it's well-balanced for portraits as well as street photography.

So why not stock up (getting a free Kodak Colorplus into the bargain) take it with you on holidays and submit a photo to the Competition!

If you're still curious to hear more about Kodak's plans and why they brought this particular budget 35mm film to new markets now, listen along to the interview Andy Church from Kodak Alaris did with the Sunny16 podcast last week.

image taken on Kodak Pro Image 100 35mm - now available to buy

Image (c)  Mateus Hidalgo used under CC2.0

For anyone dreaming of a budget 35mm film that offers professional-level image quality, Kodak Pro Image 100 really hits the spot. Happy shooting!