The Launch of Club AW!

By Paul McKay

You might have noticed some changes recently in our loyalty program (WonderPoints). We've been working hard behind the scenes on a relaunch project, and today we reveal all to you!



Why are we making changes?


Our loyalty program has been going for three years, and lots of you lovely folk have benefited from the WonderPoints and the freebies that it generated! We also love to reward you for doing things that help us build our business (sharing on social media, referring friends, writing reviews etc) so all of that is definitely NOT going to change.

However... two things made us think we needed a few tweaks.

Firstly - we've been getting feedback that the old set-up was a little confusing. Secondly - I have started having lots of conversations with community members who are increasingly concerned about the rising cost-of-living but don't want to have to cut back on their hobbies and passions!

So we are simplifying and improving the pace with which you earn points to save money on future orders and lab development.

We also wanted to dedicate more time and effort hunting out special treats, offers, products and deals for our most loyal customers, to keep film photography as fun and accessible as possible for everyone!

Which all lead us to...



Introducing: Club AW!


Club AW is the name of our new loyalty scheme: a welcoming and exciting membership program for our film community!

We've designed Club AW as the ultimate rewards scheme for folks who enjoy film photography and are after unique savings, early product releases, and exclusive perks.

You can read all the details of Club AW here, and I'll summarise the key changes below



What is changing?


1. More WonderPoints!
Everyone now earns 5 WonderPoints for every £1 spent in our store, our lab or on our WonderBox subscription. This is an increase from the 1, 2 or 4 WonderPoints that folk earned before

2. Simpler Tiers.
Rather than 3 separate tiers, called Point-and-Shoot, SLR and Field Camera, we are simplifying to just two. Club Candidates are the folk who have joined the program but not yet earned 500 WonderPoints - and as soon as you hit 500 then you get promoted to Club Member, with all the perks and benefits!

3. Fairer Access
In the past we had tiers based on how much folks had spent with us on film or developing. We've changed that so you enter the club based on WonderPoints earned rather than money spent. Of course, that means you still can join the club by placing orders, but it's no longer the only way! Alternatively, if you're on a budget then you could do some of the little things that help our business (writing film reviews, giving us little shoutouts on social media etc) and you'll be able to join the Club from that route instead.

4. Better Perks and Benefits
We're committed to giving our Club Members exclusive offers, deals, and product launches EVERY month! We're working on how to include this in your Club AW area (here) but we will also be emailing these out every month, and will only be available to official Club Members




What happens to my current WonderPoints and tier?


Good news! We've carried over your current WonderPoints balance so you will not have to start again with all those lovely rewards you've earned 😅

Your new tier will also be automatically calculated against the new criteria or WonderPoints earned rather than money spent - so if you've earned 500 WonderPoints in 2022 you'll be correctly placed into Membership with no action needed on your part.


Log in to your account to see the changes here!


Credit for the cover photo: Agnieszka Konarska

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