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Kodak Ektachrome E100 35mm Slide Film

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Kodak Ektachrome E100 was the most hotly anticipated film of 2018 and one of two 35mm films that Kodak Alaris resurrected last year (the other being Tmax P3200). A fantastic new slide film with a long heritage from its previous iterations, Kodak Ektachrome provides a gorgeous delivery of bright, sharp colours. As with all slide film, there is less margin for error in exposure, but this also allows for very deliberate and tight control of the light in the situation. The Kodak Ektachrome 100 is a premium film that delivers truly premium results!

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Format: 35mm
Colour: Colour
Type: Slide
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 1 and 5


To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Kodak Ektachrome over on EMULSIVE.


Kodak - properly known as Kodak Eastman - was founded in America in 1888 and dominated the "Western" world of photography for the next 100 years, constantly in fierce rivalry with the Japanese Fuji. Similarly to Fuji the advent of digital photography at the turn of the century caused significant financial problems. A late attempt to win in the compact market was hit by the rise of mobile photography and bankruptcy followed in 2012. Fortunately the photography business has survived under the Kodak Alaris name - based in Hertfordshire, England - and they have delighted the analogue industry by pledging continued support for film production and the promise of bringing back old favourite emulsions.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Kodak

Note: alternative spellings Ekta Chrome and Ektarchrome

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All sample photos are from the 'Focus on the Positives' winners! LondonCameraProject, Ken Davis, Bill Thoo and Alex Cole.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture
Soft and subtle effects

This film gives more pastel colours and tones which are very pleasing. Grain is hardly evident so detail is sharp. Exposure has to be accurate so there is very little leeway for error. Harsh shadows are a challenge and in some cloudy conditions colours turn out not as expected e.g. some greens, however this is not a problem if working with photoshop.

Perfect for: Portraits, Travel
Slide film, I remember it well.

It's been a long time since I ran some slide film through a camera and when E100 appeared on the scene, at a special introductory price, earlier this summer, how could I resist giving it a go? I've taken two rolls so far and as I type the third is loaded and ready to go for the next time I'm out with my camera. Today - I know, it's taken me forever to get around to getting the film developed - I downloaded the developed shots and scanned through them, eagerly expecting something amazing. Since coming back to film photography after a decade of digital I'm really enjoying the 'feel' of film and the oft-spoken about special look that digital simply can't reproduce. I have fond memories of using slide film and I'm sure I remember the results being remarkable but honestly, I wasn't blown away by what I've just seen. I know I was experimenting with exposure levels and getting some over-exposed shots back was no great surprise but the ones that were correctly exposed were not as amazing as I expected them to be. They were sharp and the colours were spot on but what happened to the dynamic range that film is famous for, the dynamic range Ive been enjoying seeing from the negative films I've been using since I came back to film. I will use this film again, I will not be taking that third roll out of my camera but I will be interested to see the results that I get back from this roll.

Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Travel
Revisiting an old favourite

It has been many years since I last used Ektachrome slide film. This was bought to use while travelling in the Greek island and was a bit of a risk. I needn't have worried though as I now have some wonderful photographs from our holiday.

I did notice while scanning that there simply isn't as much detail in some areas of the pictures. Exposure really does become important to prevent blown out highlights or impenetrable shadows.

The colours are just unbelievable though and there is nothing quite like holding a strip of photos on slide film.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder
Kodak E100

A good all round colour film, however you need to be careful with exposure to get best results.

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Travel, Studio work

I think my review title sort of gives my thoughts away about my first experience with E100.

I'd read people raving about it. And when the lovely Analogue Wonderland and Silverpan Film Lab came up with their joint summer deal then it was an opportunity not to be missed. Although I'm wondering if I might be addicted to this film now..... grrrrrr!!!

So: the film itself.... the colours are stunning. Really REALLY good. Exactly as I remember the colours on the day. And all so precise too - loads of detail; the only colour film I've shot with that actually makes me feel like I'm back in that time and place is Silbersalz (which is also Kodak). The whites are nice and pure, the sunsets have a gorgeous warmth, the afternoon sun has a nice pop.... everything you want from a colour film for capturing a natural look.

A word of warning though: if you don't get your exposure right then it can punish you. I had a couple of shots where I got the exposure wrong on the subject in tricky light conditions and there was very little wriggle room. It's nowhere nearly as scary as some people online warn you about, but just be aware in harsh, contrasty conditions you might want to be on the ball with exposure!

Another thing it did flag up: the quality of your lens. I shot all of these on my Olympus OM10, mainly with the Zuiko50mm, but some with a 28mm Hoya lens. I'd never seen any problems with the Hoya until shooting with this film; suddenly everything was a bit grungier and softer. I thought it was my focus at first but it always seemed to be with this lens. I'm not sure if the film was picking up on the aberrations or what, but they definitely didn't gel well together (see the shot of my little man crouching down with the lens flare over his head as an example).

But I do love this film. With a good camera and lens this will give you some of the best shots you're ever made.