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B&W Mystery Camera!

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A festive treat: a 35mm single-use camera pre-loaded with a mystery film...

We have worked with one of our suppliers to remove all identifying markers from a film and load it into these beautiful 'Batman' cameras! Submit your guesses on social media before 30th Jan 2020 for a chance to win prizes...


What To Do - Win Film!

Congratulations to @tonichagordonphotography on Instagram for the correct answer! Some lovely Street Candy film will be on its way to you very shortly :-)


The Reveal Video



Format: Single-Use Camera
Colour: B&W
Type: Mystery
ISO: Mystery
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 1


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Who doesn't like a good mystery?!

So the camera was exactly as described, simple, probably a Kodak fun saver judging from the look of the casing. Very easy to use. Flash or no flash I think were the limit of your settings. At the time I bought it the film inside was a mystery, and yeah sure thats why I bought it, to get in on the competition. Now we know that the film inside is Street Candy 400 - no I didn't win the competition 😞 - look at it like this - a roll of 36 exposure street candy costs 8 quid. This mystery camera loaded with 36 exposures of street candy costs? 8 quid. Thats a roll of street candy and a free camera yeah...?!

Perfect for: Beginners
Not the best

I had great fun using the camera and taking photos however when I put it in to be developed I was told that after 8/9 tries at lifting the film they had to luck and I was given an empty roll of film :( was very disappointed the film wouldn’t lift as I was under the impression it was an easy film to deal with

Mystery for a reason

The camera itself was great! I reloaded it a couple of times already and I use it for all kinds of events where you just want a small pocketable camera.

However, the "mystery" film inside is one of the most horrible films I have ever had a chance to handle, and I have hand developed hundreds of rolls. The emulsion is alright, but the film base is so flimsy and thin that I spend a f*cking hour trying to spool it up on a plastic reel without any luck. What usually takes me 2 minutes, now took me an hour and only because I just gave up, scrunched the film into the Paterson tank and went commando with it.

I would seriously pay a hundred bucks just to know what film this is so I NEVER have to touch the damn thing again. I'm fairly sure it is an Ilford stock from context, but I never had any problems with Ilford films like I did with this one.