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Solarcan Colour is a LIMITED EDITION version of the ever-popular Solarcan Original.

Take long-exposure images of the sun's path over the course of several months with this ingenious all-in-one analogue camera.

The Solarcan Colour 3-pack comes with three different 'flavours' of Solarcan that will provide subtly different photographs:

  1. Eldorado - you will get a lovely warm golden quality accentuated by thick solarized halos
  2. Atlantis - for ice cool tones with a smooth edge
  3. Nebula - a fascinating  duo-toned solargraph with radically opposed nebulaic colours

Solarcan Colour was a successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2020, and we are thrilled to be bringing a small number of units to our Analogue Wonderland community 😊

About Solarcan Colour

How do I use?

Experimentation and creativity are highly encouraged. However for consistent results we would recommend the following process:

  1. Buy your Solarcan from this very product page 😁
  2. Find a suitable location facing the Sun with a good view of the sky and horizon
  3. If any doubt, seek permission from local authorities/land-owners for the installation (remember this is a silver metallic can that will be in place for several weeks!)
  4. Using the supplied cable ties, secure your Solarcan firmly to an appropriate sturdy fence/pole/pipe
  5. When you’re ready, carefully remove the black label covering the pinhole and let the magic begin
  6. Place the black label on the end of your Solarcan for safe keeping and mark a date in your calendar for retrieval
  7. Remember where you put it (!) and check in on your camera once in a while
  8. When ready to recover your Solarcan, head back and cover the pinhole using the black tab you saved to end the exposure and stop any unwanted light passing through
  9. Snip the cable ties to release your Solarcan from it's mooring and take everything back home with you
  10. Open your Solarcan in subdued light and marvel at your image!



How do I develop it?
There is NO chemical development needed after retrieving your Solarcan! It's so simple, you can either use a scanner and invert the image in Photoshop (or similar) - or take a photo on your phone and use an app to invert.
Will the paper remain light sensitive once I remove it from the Solarcan
Yes - but it is a very-low ISO photographic paper so don't worry about it being ruined as soon as you open the can. We would however recommend opening the can in subdued light and scanning/photographing the image reasonably quickly to ensure any post-exposure light pollution is kept to a minimum.
Can I fix the paper?
No chemical developing is required. We encourage experimentation though - so if you do try to fix/stop then please share your results with Solarcan and us on social media!


Format: Unique!
Colour: Colour
Type: Negative (no processing needed)
ISO: n/a
Exposures: 1
Pack size: 3


About the brand

Solarcan is the brainchild of Sam Cornwell: a photography, artist, astronomer and now camera genius! The Solarcan perfectly combines his love for the night sky with his passion for analogue processes and film photography. Initially supported by a successful Kickstarter in 2017, Sam has recently produced the 5,000th unit (that we will be gifting as part of a joint giveaway!) which shows that the Solarcan has already been accepted into the heart of the photography community.

We spent some time with him in preparation for our launch of the Solarcan - as well as discussing his journey so far - and you can read the resulting interview here.


Where we ship

When you buy your camera and film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy Solarcan Colour today and dive back into the fun of solar film photography!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Jackson
Good fun with surprising results.

3 month exposure. An interesting result. This is 1 of the 3 pack, i think its Eldorado. However, there looks like a bit of ingress and can was slightly damaged when putting up. I would recommend this form of photography to everyone, a bit of a wait for it but up to the individual as to how long its up. really good piece of kit. Good fun.

Steve Jackson
Interesting kit.

Got the 3 pack for Christmas. Have used Solarcan before with good results. Can recommend this item. Good fun.