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Street Candy ATM400 35mm Film ISO 400 Black and White

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Street Candy is one of the new films from 2017! Back for a second run after selling out the initial stock, this 35mm Street Candy film is a sweet emulsion that was originally used in surveillance cameras. The high sensitivity of this high contrast black and white film makes it perfect for street photography and dramatic light conditions. You will enjoy the bright branding as much as you will enjoy shooting with it.


Format: 35mm
Colour: B&W
Type: Negative
ISO: 400
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 1



To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Street Candy ATM400 over on EMULSIVE.


Street Candy is the first film from Vincent, the man behind "On Film Only". His passion for analogue photography is exceptionally strong and we hope that this is the first of many products that he brings to the film market!

For more information about the brand check out our interview with Vincent.


Where we ship

When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Street Candy ATM400 Film 35mm B&W ISO 400 today and dive back into the fun of 35mm film photography!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Perfect for: Street Photography
Grain like golf balls; curly film base, tricky to handle

Got this as part of one of the mystery box mixes. Grainiest and curliest film I've ever used. Nice punchy contrast alright but not one I'd shoot again.

Perfect for: Beginners, Portraits, Street Photography, Architecture, Travel
Looks nice!

Only use one roll of this, and only the second roll of film I've ever used, but happy with the results (below).

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Street Photography
My Favourite B/W so far

I took this film to a protest at the end of summer, the results were so beautiful it looked like they were taken in the 70s. I love the high contrast emulsion, it looked great in city in the summer with all the shadows and the building textures!

Perfect for: Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture
A firm favourite

This is such a great film for moody, atmospheric street and architectural photography. I liked it less for portraits but that is personal taste; it will be my film of choice on any trip to a city. I was so impressed by the level of detail captured by this film in conjuction with my canon eos 300 and a nifty fifty. It was also a cinch to develop at home with exciting results.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Street Photography
Pushed 1 stop

Knew this film was high contrast straight out the gate but thought I’d push it one stop regardless. Happy with the results; nice versatile film although my street photography skills need a lot of work!