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Silvergrain Classics - Film Magazine - Issue 10

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Discover the Entire World of Analog Photography. SilvergrainClassics is an international quarterly print journal about all things film.

Each 100-page issue has a combination of portfolios in book-quality print, gear talk and techniques, and insider news, written by photographers for photographers.

A fantastic inspiration for film photographers of all shooting styles and experience!

In their tenth issue you will find topics including

  • Helmut Newton & Yva: “Dancing on the Volcano” in the Weimar Republic
  • Cameras of the 80s: a decade that changed gear forever
  • Loading Your Own Film from Bulk: does it make sense?
  • Authentic Vintage Photography: “how to” for marketing or personal work
  • Portfolios from Asia, Australia, Ukraine, and USA
  • Polaroid Super8... Revisiting an instant failure on a modern project

Where We Ship

When you buy Silvergain Classics magazine from Analogue Wonderland we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

You can read more about Silvergain Classics at their site here: You may remember them from a previous name; they started life as 'PhotoKlassik International' before evolving to Silvergrain Classics!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Analogue Explorer
Nice production, not sure about the content

Really nice quality production but the content didnt really grab my attention. I might try another copy to try some different content but its an expensive experiment when you cant browse the content.

Kelvin Neal
High class but expensive magazine

Top quality, perhaps a little too "artistic" for my taste. Excellent reference material even if some of the articles are way beyond anything an average photographer would ever attempt.
Well worth buying to discover just what is possible and how some of the great names in photography managed to achieve their goals.

Charlie McConnochie
Top quality mag

Great quality magazine with interesting variety. Well worth the cost - luxurious coffee table feel. Can't wait for next issue.....

Simon Ford
Inspirational Read

This is my second copy of Silvergrain Classics I've bought. I find these inspirational to read and pour over some great photography as the same time. Very good quality magazine but it may seem a little on the pricey side if you are only used to the monthlies from WH Smith's. These will sit on my bookcase with my other photo books and used as reference and ideas.

David Gerrard
Impressive but Expensive magazine

Together with the postage this magazine cost £17. It is glossy and well produced but unless you know there are articles you definitely want to read, it is a bit of an expensive punt, although I think you can download a sample. Does remind me of Silvershotz magazine which I used to love.