Ferrania Solaris 400 - 35mm Film 12exp - EXPIRED

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LIMITED STOCK: test rolls (12 exposures) of Solaris 400 FG Plus 35mm film.

Expiry date : 04/2009

These are some of the last rolls to come from the original Ferrania factory - Solaris FG Plus was historically a budget colour film produced in Italy to compete with the likes of AgfaVista, Colorplus and C200.

Renowned for colours that were vivid and punchy - and without the slight colour cast common in Fujifilm and Kodak colour films - Solaris FG Plus graced the shelves of Europe for most of the 20th century.

Here is your opportunity to shoot a piece of history!

Please note that we can't guarantee results with any films past expiry date. However we have done spot tests on the batch, and are also reassured by our supplier that they have been stored properly over the past years.


Notes from our supplier:

- Expired film is less sensitive to light, so I recommend shooting them 2 stops over-exposed (so these rolls at ISO 100)

- If you’re using an automatic or point & shoot camera & can’t change the ISO, just ask for it to be pushed a stop or two in development

- Obviously, being expired film, results can vary from roll-to-roll, so perhaps don’t make it your first choice for an extremely important shoot!

- Expect slight colour shifts & increased grain - it will basically make your photos look extra vintage

- But it’s great fun to shoot & to not be totally sure what you will get back - the surprise element of it is one of the best bits for me!



Format: 35mm
Colour: Colour
Type: Negative
ISO: 400
Exposures: 12
Pack size: 1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alfie Baeza-Collis
Fantastic tones

First time using expired film, so just used to experiment whilst in Spain. Really pleased with the colours as well as grainy aspect produced from this film. Found that this film worked better for buildings etc, as opposed to portraits, although if you are shooting people it must be in bright light. All my film pictures posted on @alfie_film on instagram if you want to see the rest. :)

Paula Kuzmickaite
So grainy!

And so washed out. You can see traces of what used to be a vivid and colourful film, but that doesn't hurt its case here. If anything, it adds something. It makes it a lot more nostalgic which I’m very into. It may have only 12 or 16 (Solaris 200) exposures, but it is so worth it! Perfect for daylight pictures, portraits and landscapes.

John Furlong
Even though I made a mistake...

...and didn't follow the instruction to overexpose by TWO stops - I set the meter for 200ASA instead of 100 - the results were impressive. The lack of grain in the sky background on the oak tree shot is remarkable.

Steve L
18 years expired but still lovely!

Wasn't sure what to expect from this as it expired so long ago and I decided to break all the rules and NOT cross-process this, but it delivered! Shooting on a sunny day at the beach it gave some glorious warm tones with striking blues and a lovely warmth to it.
Just one shot on the roll had a nice purple colour shift to it(the one of the sign in my sample shots on this review) but the rest just looked a bit like the best aspects of Kodak ColorPlus pumped up to the max but with none of the grain- warm, retro looking colours and very little grain. Would love to experiment more with this under different conditions.
AGFA need to bring this stuff back!

Phoebe Larner
Blue / green tones

Was a fun roll to shoot with however, and had a few double exposures etc. Expired film is always a bit of a risk but does give some interesting results! this roll is Heavy on the blue and greens.