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QWD ECN-2 Developing Kit

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You can now use the QWD ECN-2 developer to home-dev your movie stock in 35mm and 120 format, including the legendary Kodak Vision3 range! Brand new to the European market, this ECN2 kit will make it easy for you to shoot and develop cine films.

Recently launched in the USA and receiving rave reviews (see Bill Manning's video below) now is the perfect moment to begin experimenting with ECN-2.

Already used by DP's and Directors in Hollywood and around the world, this kit has established itself as the go-to for anyone who enjoys the incredible colours of movie film. Whether you are using this for a pitch deck, storyboards or just after the amazing exposure latitude of motion stock you keep hearing about, this developer kit has you covered.

With a simple four step process and a workflow just like C-41, you can use this ECN-2 kit with all of your existing home developing hardware.


NB: please note that the liquid fixer that Bill shows within the kit has since been replaced by a powder fixer - with the same efficiency and use :-)

Included in the Kit

Included to make 1L (all powder concentrates):

  • Pre-Bath 
  • Developer
  • Bleach
  • Fixer 
  • Waterproof Instructions

For more information about the process visit:

**NOTE: A STOP BATH is required. You can use any readily available STOP BATH, or make your own. STOP BATH instructions are included with the kit.**

You can download the safety sheet here


Form: Powder
Size: n/a
Capacity: 15+ rolls
Perfect for: Developing movie film at home


Where we ship

When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your QWD ECN-2 Developing Kit today and dive back into the fun of movie film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Paul Addison
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Easier than it seems

ECN-2 turns out to be only a little more complicated than C41.

The remjet layer comes off with ease. The temperature ranges of the chemicals are easy enough to manage with just a little juggling-warm all chemical bottles together, take out pre-bath first (27 C), raise the rest to 41 C, develop and remove the others from the bath to cool to 27-38 C.

QWD’s instructions are good and easy to follow. Any problems and they are there to help. I can vouch for that.

I liked the colour and look I got from this. I like it more than the results I get from Vision 3 cross processed in C41. Vision 3 was designed for ECN-2 after all.

S Mathew
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S Mathew

This devoloper pack only good for 4 rolls of film then it rapidly loses it's strength and 2 to 3 percent compensation required but still not accurate not worth the money..