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AP Film Retriever




Ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug für Momente, in denen Sie einen film wieder in den Kanister gewickelt haben, bevor er fertig ist! Einfach und leicht, ein Lebensretter, den Sie immer zur Hand haben, wenn Sie auf dem Feld sind. Es ist auch nützlich für die Entwicklung zu Hause, wenn Sie eine freiliegende Rolle in der Dunkelheit herausziehen möchten, ohne den Kanister aufbrechen zu müssen.r.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass sich das film Retriever-Modell im folgenden Video geringfügig von dem zum Verkauf angebotenen Modell unterscheidet. Prinzip und Technik sind jedoch identisch:)


Wohin wir versenden

Wenn Sie Ihre Kamera film von uns kaufen , können wir es in Großbritannien, Europa, USA, Neuseeland, Australien und Kanada weiteren Ländern geplant bald versandt! So kaufen Sie Ihre AP Film Retriever heute und tauchen wieder in den Spaß der film - Fotografie!y!

Customer Reviews

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My Favourite Gadget!

If you want to develop your own film, you're going to need either a cannister opener or this little beauty. It takes a little getting used to, but it does exactly what it says. It retrieves your film. It is an essential item in your developing kit.

Great Little Tool - Development Made Easy!

Great little Tool that helps you get your film out without being to aggressive on the canister. Best thing I found was that I could use it outside of my changing bag, meaning I could get the leader out, snip the end for a clip test and see what I was doing the whole time before popping the film in the bag to load into my development tank.

This makes a huge difference as I now don't have to fiddle around in the dark and also means less objects in my changing bag that could otherwise scratch the film, yay!

Film retriever

Not used this yet. But it is a good quality, seems sturdy. Will look forward to using it when I have 35 mm to develope

Useful gadget

Dithered for ages before buying; turns out to be more useful than I imagined. Bought to retrieve film leaders for developing. Opening Lomography and the current QWD cassettes proved difficult using a bottle opener. Retrieving the leader and winding a little onto reels before putting into the dark bag is much simpler.

I’m now rewinding film mid roll to reuse later. Better than rushing to finish a film, wasting shots if it’s time to shoot something different.

film retriever

Loading 24 exposure film (in a bag) is not too hard but the longer 36 exp film I found a little trickier to load in the devloping frame without getting into sa tangle
The picker worked well (after a couple of attempts), really pleased. I haven't developed the film yet but I am plased with the picker, thanks