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Película CatLABS X80 120 B/N ISO 80

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CatLABS X FILM 80 es una velocidad lenta de grano fino, film de alto contenido de plata, diseñado específicamente para una enorme variedad de condiciones de disparo - aunque nota que la visibilidad del grano es probable que aumente con la norma ISO usa!

Similar al famoso 'Panatomic-X' de Kodak, CatLABS X FILM 80 es un regalo especial para los filmadores de film de formato medio en blanco y negro.

Califíquelo en 50 ISO al disparar en situaciones de estudio si está buscando un grano fino, pero se puede aumentar hasta 800 sin dejar de ofrecer excelentes resultados.

¡Disfrute explorando su rango de exposición y comparta sus resultados y experiencias con nosotros! También disponible engran formato 4x5 aquíre


Formato: 120
Color: B & amp; W
Tipo: Negativo
YO ASI: 80
Exposiciones: 12
Tamaño del paquete: 1


Imagen de muestra c) @RyanMichaelKemp 

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Cuando nos compre la film de su cámara, podemos enviarla a todo el Reino Unido, Europa, EE. UU., Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Canadá, ¡más países planeados pronto! ¡Compre su película CatLABS X80 hoy y sumérjase en la diversión de la fotografía de 120 film !y!

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Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Studio work
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
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Cool for Cats

This was a random pick from the shelves while browsing in the bookshop at the Photographers Gallery in London (which also sells film, photo pickers). In the spirit of, "oh I haven't tried that before, I'll give it a go" I added a few rolls to my bag. Some I shot in Glasgow, on a day when the weather threw everything at me (typical West of Scotland weather!) and some I used during a favourite walk round a pond in my local woods.
The tonality feels very different from many modern films (and I've used a lot of different films since I started taking pictures in the early 80s)-I'd describe it as smoother, richer, as having more depth. You could describe it as that old school thick emulsion look-if you used emulsions like Panatomic -X or Verichrome Pan then you'll love this one. For my initial experiments, I've been developing it in ID-11 1+1, but I really trying it with tanning and staining developers like PMK Pyro, Moersch Finol and Pyrocat HD. Verichrome Pan in PMK was a big favourite of mine , so a slower fine grain emulsion like Catlabs should be an excellent match. Oh, and I've had no backing paper issues with any of the dozen or so rolls I've shot-overall I would definitely use this film again, especially if I can get my hands on a few boxes of 5x4! Just pick a sunny day or take a tripod though as it's ISO 80 not my usual 400.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder
A Familiar Film In A New Guise

As has already been remarked, this film is Shanghai GP3. It’s a traditional, medium speed film that I’ve always found to be pleasant and predictable to use. I haven’t shot it for a while because it went through a phase of poor quality control - the ink from the dots on the backing paper left marks on the emulsion.

These problems seem to be in the past and I enjoyed using it. If you like traditional emulsions I can recommend it.

Rewrapped Shanghai GP3

Or at least the little piece of the sticky tape on the end says so. AW does not carry GP3, so I guess a good source if you want to try it? Shanghai is good film.