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Película HP 400 127 B/N ISO 400

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Basado en el icónico stock HP5 Plus de Ilford, pero en cola para 127 cámaras, esta film es la más flexible de todas las 127 películas disponibles. Se puede aumentar hasta 3200 con excelentes resultados, y cuando se dispara a la velocidad de la caja, le brindará imágenes nítidas y claras con muchos detalles.

IMPORTANTE: cuando revele la film, recuerde pedirle al laboratorio que le devuelva el carrete para usarlo como carrete de recogida para su próximo rollo.



Formato: 127
Color: B & amp; W
Tipo: Negativo
YO ASI: 400
Exposiciones: 8/16
Tamaño del paquete: 1


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Cuando nos compre la film de su cámara, podemos enviarla a todo el Reino Unido, Europa, EE. UU., Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Canadá, ¡más países planeados pronto! ¡Compre su Rera Pan HP 400 Film 127 B & amp; W ISO 400 hoy y sumérjase en la diversión de la fotografía de 127 film !y!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Michael Ballantyne
Fantastic for that old time feel

Took a few rolls with me on a trip to the moors with a friend and I loved the results. Used my Kodak 127 Brownie and my Kodak Vest Pocket and got exactly what I hoped to get. The photos look like they could have easily have been taken 100 years ago

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Breathing new life into old cameras

I’m a new returner to film and acquired a couple of 127 cameras in job lots from ‘the bay’. I shot this on a Bencini Comet 44 which is about the size of an Olympus Trip and too pretty not to use. It loaded fine on the Paterson reel and I developed in Perceptol 1+3. Very pleased with this first effort. Keep producing this film please!

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract, Studio work, Low light/Night

127 film is difficult to come by nowadays. This is a really great film, and a welcome introduction. I process it myself in Perceptol (rating it at 200ASA and develop it for about 14 minutes, which results in a very clean negative). My scanner is very old, and not very good now, but photographing the neg on a light panel with a digital camera produces good results too. This is a really great film, I just hope that it will continue to be available - I'm so pleased with the results. There are labs who will probably process it, but understandably it is likely to take longer than common formats and C41 film, and anyway I quite enjoy the experience of going back to processing the film myself (though scanning, digital processing and inkjet printing is far more rewarding than I ever found darkroom printing, though I need to be quite aggressive on contrast and sharpening and nose reduction!).

Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture

I revived an old 127 camera from 1950s. Film worked really well (see examples).

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Street Photography, Low light/Night
I love HP400!

After using expired 127 for ages, and being disappointed with the results, HP400 is a breath of fresh air. Finally I can use my 127 camera collection and get the best out of them. Being cut down HP5, you know you're going to get great results. I need to order some more....