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Revolog SnoVlox Film 35 mm B&N ISO 100 - La película de invierno

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¡EDICIÓN LIMITADA! Una film de invierno de 35 mm perfectamente festiva: ¡con copos de nieve que aparecen delicadamente en todas sus imágenes independientemente de la situación meteorológica real! Una film divertida para la estación fría y oscura, producida solo en cantidades limitadas en esta época del año. Una Navidad Blanca garantizada.


Formato: 35 mm
Color: B & amp; W
Tipo: Negativo
YO ASI: 100
Exposiciones: 36
Tamaño del paquete: 1


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Las películas de Revolog son únicas y extremadamente creativas. Cada rollo está hecho a mano con procesos que crearán hermosos colores o formas superpuestas en sus imágenes finales. ¡Con sede en Austria esta pequeña firma Hanna y Michael! les apasiona ofrecer a los fotógrafos de film nuevas opciones y oportunidades para experimentar y crear. ¡A veces mal escrito como Revelog!g!

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Donde enviamos

Cuando nos compre la film de su cámara, podemos enviarla a todo el Reino Unido, Europa, EE. UU., Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Canadá, ¡más países planeados pronto! ¡Compre hoy mismo su Revolog SnoVlox Film 35 mm B & amp; W ISO 100 y sumérjase en la diversión de la fotografía en film de 35 mm!y!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Oliver Hitchen / https://oliverhitchen.myportfolio.com
Just Gorgeous!

My wife bought me a roll of Snovlox for Christmas 2019 and it's sat in my film box for over a year, until this morning when we finally had some snow!!! yippee!!! I've been waiting for this moment for ages! I loaded the snovlox in my camera, and set to work capturing the world around me. I didn't have to go far to get this image, only to the end of the garden. I really wish I had more of this, having scanned it in this evening I am so impressed with the tones. I've not fiddled with this at all, its exactly as scanned.

The emulsion is Kodak TMAX 100, but this is shot at ISO 200, presumably something to do with the way the effects are applied. Each Frame has different snow effects so you don't know what you're going to get. Some work better than others, obviously as some of the blobs are a little on the large side - but keep shooting and you'll be rewarded with some stunning images. I'm so impressed, I've got my eye on some TMAX now to see how that compares.

If you're going to use this on a day when it isn't snowing, then I would recommend a day where it's either raining or has rained recently and the ground it wet. I think it looks odd if the ground is dry and the sun is shining, yet the shot emulates snow lol.

Keep an eye on stock levels (hopefully more'll be on the way) and snap some up when you can!

Techy stuff:
📷 Nikon F100 / Nikon 24mm f2.8
🎞 Snovlox @ 200
🧪 Ilfotec LC29 / 1:19 / 7 mins
🖥 Epson V550 / Silverfast 8

Found it

Got new scans of this film.

Perfect for: Beginners, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Studio work
A lovely effect

This is my favourite (so far) of the revolog range of films. This pre exposed black and white film with a snow effect is a great way to inject a wintery feel into your photos. My sample image was shot with a canon ae-1 program and developed at home.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Creative/Abstract
Beautiful for the winter!

Used this film last year in the winter. Looked amazing! Sadly, only have my negatives now and no scans, so no image provided