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Tanque de revelado universal - 2 carretes

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¡El tanque de revelado universal Super System!

La pieza fundamental del kit de desarrollo doméstico: aquí es donde colocará sus películas, ya sea 2 x 35 mm o 1 x 120, 127 o 620 a la vez, mientras se someten a las diversas etapas de desarrollo:: desarrollar,detener,reparar y lavar.

Un ingenioso sistema a prueba de luz significa que puede verter los productos químicos dentro y fuera del tanque a plena luz, y viene con una tapa de plástico hermética para cuando necesite agitar la film , término elegante para agitarla para asegurarse de que el ¡Los productos químicos se esparcen por todo el carrete!!)

Los carretes de 35 mm incluidos tienen un mecanismo para enrollar fácilmente en la oscuridad: agarre el comienzo de cada rollo de film y luego mueva un lado hacia adelante y hacia atrás para hacer avanzar la film rápida y suavemente.

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Cuando nos compre sus accesorios de cuarto oscuro, podemos enviarlos a todo el Reino Unido, Europa, EE. UU., Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Canadá, ¡más países planeados pronto! ¡Compre su tanque de revelado universal Paterson hoy y sumérjase en la diversión de la fotografía de film !y!

Customer Reviews

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oliver stevenson

Will last you forever, just be careful about liquid leaking around the lid. Do the lid up tightly and you won't have any issues. Have had no issues with light leaks on the tank. The reels are well made and adjust to fit in the different formats, which is very handy. The reels have to be completely dry though before you load the film in, or else I've found the film can get very tense towards the end of the roll and you may struggle getting it all to go into the reel.

David Theriault
its success is in the design

My recently purchased Paterson universal tank is the same brilliant design as when I took up photography in my teenage years in the '70's. Absolutely fit for purpose. Key thing for me is how easy it is to thread the film onto the reel in the dark. I shoot 35mm and 120, this is easily handled by the way the reels lock into the two sizes. Highly recommended.

Does the job

This tank is a great workhorse for developing. At first the spools are a bit tight, hard to open, but with time they loosen up. Easy to use, what more could you want?

Jim Graves
Does the job.

Paterson Universal System Tanks are easy to use and open the world of developing to beginners for not a lot of cash. It's great quality too and will last for years.

Love it!

I bought this to try out home developing while we’re all on lockdown (a familiar story, I’m sure). Tried it out for the first time today and was absolutely delighted with the results - I managed to process two rolls of HP5 with no problems whatsoever and the magic of seeing your own negatives come to life is just wonderful! I think this one will be a hobby that sticks.

The tank remained leak free throughout, it was easy to pour chemicals in and out, and I found the instructions (on the Patterson website) very straightforward. I used the Ilford simplicity kit which I’d also really recommend for a beginner, and the Patterson light changing bag to get the films onto the reels. I really don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do this, I wish I’d known how easy it was years ago! Now, let’s see how I manage with c41 ;)

(Nb: should probably have scanned the negatives at a higher resolution for these sample shots but one skill at a time, eh?)