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Boîtier de film JCH 5x35mm

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L'emblématique cas du film métallique Kodak fait un come - back du 21e siècle!

Toutes les variantes du boîtier de film Kodak sont en acier avec un capuchon en aluminium et protégeront vos films lors des excursions d'une journée comme des longues vacances.

Le boîtier du film est petit et portable, ce qui le rend idéal pour tous les amateurs de photographie analogique.Il gardera vos rouleaux de film secs et propres et organisera cinq rouleaux de film 35 mm en un seul endroit. Vous pouvez également retirer le séparateur de film plastique intérieur pour créer un récipient pour d'autres articles liés au film!

Choisissez votre couleur en fonction de votre appareil photo / sac photo / humeur actuelle Nous avons en stock toutes les couleurs: rouge, bleu, argent, noir, blanc et jaune dès le lancement!!

Kodak Film Cases - choice of colour

NB: films non inclus - malheureusement!


Dimensions: 148 x 56 x 47 mmm)
Poids: 160g
Extérieur - Acier
Séparateur intérieur - Plastique


Où nous expédions

Lorsque vous achetez votre film de caméra chez nous, nous pouvons l'expédier à travers le Royaume-Uni, l'Europe, les États-Unis, la Nouvelle-Zélande, l'Australie et le Canada, d'autres pays sont prévus prochainement! Alors achetez votre étui pour film Kodak aujourd'hui et plongez-vous dans le plaisir de la photographie sur film 35 mm!y!

Customer Reviews

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I’d been looking for a film case for a while and so when I saw these were coming out, I was so excited to order one. I was not disappointed, this thing is great. It’s robust so I’m not worried to throw it in my bag, and the retro callback to Kodak’s classic cans is so nice. I picked the colour that I had of the old canister to match. Such a great case, an easy purchase!


Perfect for storing film, plus it looks great.
Handy for putting in your kit bag and keeping film safe.
I will definitely be buying a few more.

Brilliantly solid retro cases

Ok, so I’m a sucker for retro styled gear and boy do these cases deliver. Initially I purchased the red and yellow Kodak colours case, however it ended up being so nice I bought a black case too. The lids are held on firmly by two knurled clips and close with a satisfying clunk. Brilliant purchase, just waiting for matching 120 cases to be released. Just to mention as well that AW managed to get these out to me just before Christmas, despite me missing the cutoff. Brilliant service and banter once again.

Excellent quality, ideal for the job.

I have used many film cases of varying costs and materials, and this is by far my faviourite. It has a "traditional" quality of manufacture, very solid metal construction with excellent finishing of the colourful parts. Although the price is higher than many of the competitors, the quality more than makes up for this; it certainly feels like it will outlast the plastic alternatives. The only possible downside I could think of is that it is naturally heavier than the plastic cases; I personally can't say I've noticed a difference when carrying it around in my camera bag, however. Overall, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this case!

Solid as a Tank

On first glance one might think £24 is quite expensive for a small metal box - but these are heavy weight steel, superbly made and finished and should last a lifetime (or two). Even the packaging is superb and could even be reduced (?) to help with waste as there is not much danger these film cases will get damaged easily. Be warned though once you buy one you will want more :)))