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Ilford Perceptol B&W Film Developer 1Ltr - Poudre

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Un révélateur de film à grain extra fin. C'est la chimie à utiliser lorsque vous recherchez un maximum de détails et de définition de vos négatifs - en particulier si vous souhaitez numériser ou imprimer en haute résolution à une taille importante, vous apprécierez la qualité d'image accrue. Associez-les à des films lents et moyens pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats finaux possibles.

Nous vous l'envoyons sous forme de poudre pour un mélange facile à la maison et une longue durée de conservation & gt; 3 anss)

Les trois paquets inclus contiennent suffisamment de produits chimiques pour traiter 4 rouleaux de film en noir et blanc de 35 mm ou 120 à la fois.e.

Pour les temps de développement sur plusieurs films, veuillezconsultez le MassiveDevChart ici


Forme: Poudre
Taille: 1 L
Capacité: 4 rouleaux 35 mm ou 1200)
Parfait pour: Détails et résolution maximum


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Lorsque vous achetez votre film de caméra chez nous, nous pouvons l'expédier à travers le Royaume-Uni, l'Europe, les États-Unis, la Nouvelle-Zélande, l'Australie et le Canada, d'autres pays sont prévus prochainement! Achetez dès aujourd'hui votre Ilford Perceptol B & amp; W Film Developer Kit 1Ltr et plongez-vous dans le plaisir de la photographie de film N & amp; W!y!

Customer Reviews

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Accreditation Handles: Matthew Deacon
Smooth and Silky!

Perceptol is great. It produces the finest grain I've seen yet. Even on HP5 as seen in this picture. Sorry for the crease in the photo by the way!

Mum Nan and I commemorating the annual memorial of Jesus' death in March at our virtual Kingdom Hall.

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: @come_armageddon
Great for fine grain

I love using this developer with FP4 @ISO 125, you get next to no grain and a really nice range of tones. I've used it a few times on higher ISO films when it has been the only developer that I've had and it is definitely suited for slower ISO, I found that higher ISO films just came out looking underwhelming and flat, difficult to get a punchy and dense negative at higher ISO (above 200) with this fine grain dev. Dropping a star because I just can't ever seem to get the number of films out of a stock batch that Ilford suggests I can, best to stick to one-shot mix.

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture, Studio work
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Joe Horner
NIce results, but expensive if you keep to the capacity recommendations.

Bought this to compare with my usual ID11 and test the limits of resolution on a couple of my cameras.

First roll through was some Rollei RPX100 in an Exakta using Zeiss glass. In terms of grain and resolution, the results impressed me (see the crop of sheep on a hill) and the tonality is lovely.

But, is it worth the cost of the suggested 4 rolls per pack compared to 10 or more in ID11 and Microphen? If you're doing a LOT of stuff where you need that resolution and grain, possibly. If most of your stuff is happy with the (already excellent) results that other Ilford devs give, probably not.

I'll probably be pushing this mix as far as I can to see how conservative they've been, and I may well buy another to keep (unmixed) in case I ever need it. But not one I'm likely to keep as stock solution for the limited times I might need it.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Fantastic results

Stupendous sharpness and fine grain , though at a cost of some film speed. Creates a fantastic range of tones with a slow film,

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work
Blown away by the images created

I had not used this developer before and so wanrted to give it a good try out.
Firstly I developed Ilford HP5 12 rool film which I pushed to 3200 Ths needed 41 min with a dilution of 1: 3 the images were crisp clean and very grainy which was expected at this speed.
I then tried
Kentmere 400 developed with stock solution for 123 min
Ilford HP5 developed for 9 min at 24 c giving an as rating of 250 asa
Then Agfa APX 400 developed in a solution of 1:1 for 23 min
In all cases I was very pleased with the results and the detail that resulted from using this developer. All of these film are nominal rated at 400 asa however perceptol actually reduces this nominally to 320 asa but the results are great. A developer I will use again