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Livre PhotoMemo du photographe de cinéma - TWINPACK



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Le livre PhotoMemo du photographe de cinéma est l'un des objets les plus utiles que vous puissiez avoir dans votre sac photo. Chaque double page est conçue pour vous donner tout l'espace et les invites dont vous avez besoin pour prendre des notes sur un seul rouleau de film: marque et type, ISO, paramètres d'exposition, quel appareil photo vous avez utilisé, ce que vous vouliez réaliser.

Cela signifie que lorsque le film revient de développement que vous avez la comparaison parfaite pour apprendre et améliorer votre photographie film! Ce que vous avez aimé, ce qui a fonctionné et ce qui n'a pas fonctionné.

Le twinpack contient deux livres pour deux fois l'aventure analogique.

Le livre PhotoMemo est l'un des designs incroyables que nous avons obtenus de notre ami Mike chez ShootFilmCo.Lisez notre interview avec lui ici!



Le twinpack contient deux livres PhotoMemo séparés. Chaque livre contient 48 pages pour des notes sur 23 rouleaux de film séparés..

Couverture: 100 lb. Neenah ENVIRONNEMENT Desert Storm 30 fibre post-consommation. Intérieur: 60 lb Finch Opaque Smooth Text sans acide, qualité archivistique.ity).

Customer Reviews

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Honestly I'm so pleased I bought these. I really wanted a means of writing down how I've shot rolls through my fm3a, how I liked certain emulsions & what labs I've used. Sure I could have done that on my phone or even a normal notepad but there's something a bit special about these. Something that pleases the organised mind.

Very handy!

I bought these on a whim but am so glad I did. I'm still only scribbling my way through my first one but it is coming in so handy - especially when trying out new films. Perfect size for slipping into a pocket and well layed-out inside with two pages for each film.

Highly recommended to have in your camera bag.

Oh my god how did I ever do without these...?!

Such a simple idea, yet so so useful.
Each double page spread gives you a pre laid out form to list any details that you need to remember from a roll of film. For example the date, the film stock, the camera used, did you push or pull? the subject, the ISO...
Under that you can then write whatever notes you like to help you remember the things that you just know you're gonna forget. I personally use mine extensively for pinhole. The camera and film combo. The metered exposure time. The subject...
Yes I could use a notes app on my phone, but this sits in my camera bag, with me knowing that its not going to randomly corrupt, crash, or anything stupid like that.
Highly, highly recommended.
Oh and at £10 for a pack of two, why wouldn't you at least try them?!

Awesome lil book

This is great for when you’re out and about shooting, it’s small and thin enough to slide into your bag!

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Wish I knew about this when I went fully back to film photography! Fab books, pocket sized, good sections to write in.