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Film FPP Kodak 2238 35 mm - ISO 6

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Lorsqu'il est utilisé dans votre appareil photo 35mm FPP film à faible ISO B & W produira un film négatif avec un grain très fin.

Cesensible au bleu* le film noir et blanc possède une très haute résolution et incorpore un colorant jaune, qui est éliminé au cours du traitement, afin de fournir une netteté très élevée.

Les films Blue Sensitive doivent être tournés à la lumière du jour ou à l'aide d'un flash / stroboscope. Évitez d'utiliser un filtre jaune ou de photographier sous un éclairage intérieur au tungstène.t.

Développement de la maison - Le développeur recommandé estFPP D96 (7 minutes à 68 degrés F. Ce film peut également être développé en standard BW comme Kodak D76, HC-110, Ektol et autres..

Comment mesurer ISO 6? Vous devez composer l'asa manuellement dans votre appareil photo ou utiliser un compteur portatif. Notez que vous pouvez télécharger l'application Light Meter pour votre téléphone.

Utilisez le photomètre interne de votre appareil photo. Si votre appareil photo ne peut pas être réglé sur ISO 6, vous pouvez composer ISO 25 et ouvrir votre objectif de deux arrêts.


Format: 35 mm
Couleur: N&B
Taper: Négatif
ISO: 6
Expositions: 24
Taille du paquet: 1


Pour en savoir plus sur les détails ci-dessus, vous pouvezconsultez notre guide du film ou si vous voulez de l'inspiration, rendez-vous sur notre page surchoisir votre prochain film.

Exemples de photos c) Michael Bartosek etWill Alexander 

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Beginners
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Ptetty good

It's very very punchy, and even though I stand developed, very contrasty - which I like.

Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Studio work
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Joe Horner
Really different, really fun to shoot!

I bough this a couple of months ago on a whim and it's been sitting since waiting for enough light to actually use it. Finally had a chance last weekend, so headed out to the local cemetery and then down to the beach in glorious early afternoon sunshine with my light meter almost off the scale.

Although most of the roll was taken using a tripod I was able to get a few shots hand-held at f/1.7 and around 1/100th shutter speed but expect to use a tripod with this stuff! An unexpected side effect of that was that had the opportunity to play with 2 second+ exposures in broad daylight, so Beam me up Scotty!

In terms of results, it was a little higher contrast than I expected, and very, very, sharp. That presented the first problem, that it will show up any inadequacies in your lens or technique. If there's any softness then it's NOT the film's fault!

Grain is virtually non-existent - the original scans were at 6400dpi and there was just a hint of what might have been grain or might have been scanning noise in the sky.

The blue sensitivity darkens vegetation quite a lot, and yellow flowers will come out virtually jet black, which was what I was hoping as I took that shot. Exposures were left to the camera, so were pretty well right for the conditions but the darkening of greens was such that it did need a little correction in post on some frames to avoid an overly "moody" effect given the brightness of the day. All the same, there was plenty of detail available to bring out, which suggests that the the latitude is pretty generous.

In terms of handling, it dries very flat indeed but the base is so thin that it feels a little unsafe to handle, almost like it'll crumple if you're not very careful. The base is also extremely clear.

All in all, an interesting emulsion with very distinctive characteristics which I'll definitely be shooting again - just wish it was available in medium format.

Shot with Canon EOS-5 using assorted Canon, Sigma and Chinon lenses, developed for 7 minutes in ID11 @ 20 deg C, scanned on Epson V600 @ 6400DPI

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Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Creative/Abstract
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles:
Super fine grain in this film

Using my trusty nikon F4 and a nikon 50mm f1.8 lens i took these images usinf f2.8 at 1/30th to allow a hand held exposure.
The film was developed in d96 for 7 min and subsequently scanned in. I love the rance of tones that this film can reproduce on a bright sunny day. No detail in the sky but there wasn't any anyway . I will come back to this film for some projects in the future

Perfect for: Landscapes, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: @huntercreatesthings
Very Fun

This film was a test of my long exposure chops (and of my ebay special tripod - not recommended!). It's very very punchy, and even though I stand developed, very contrasty - which I like. It definitely feels like a cinema film, and for fun I cropped a lot of my images to 1.85:1 which suits it very nicely - I think this film, requiring long exposures, lends itself well to architectural photography, light painting, and experimentation. Dried well, scanned well, and I'm going to be shooting a few more rolls to get the hang of it!

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes

Great film, the long exposures made for some really cool effects with movement. Beware the film is a bit thin and doesn't always leave space at the end of the roll for clipping / unloading.