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Le kit de démarrage pour le développement de films



NB: le prix comprend l'expédition avec suivi gratuite au Royaume-Uni

La description

Le Developing Starter Kit a été conçu pour vous fournir le kit indispensable pour commencer à développer chez vous!


  • 1 x réservoir de film universel
  • 2 x bobines de développement de film
  • 2 diplômés de 600 ml
  • 1 x 150 ml diplômé
  • 1 x thermomètre
  • 1 x raclette à film
  • 2 x clips de film

C'est tout le «matériel» nécessaire pour que votre film exposé soit entièrement développé et sec, prêt pour la numérisation / impression! Si vous souhaitez ajouter des bacs d'impression et une lampe de sécurité rouge, consultez leKit de démarrage de développement et d'impression!

Veuillez noter que vous aurez besoindéveloppement de produits chimiques pour traiter votre film, ainsi qu'une chambre noire /sac à langer/ environnement étanche à la lumière pour le premier chargement de vos films sur les bobines de développement.

Si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations, veuillezEnvoyez-nous un email ou appelez-nous au 01494 614514 et nous serons très heureux de vous aider.


Où nous expédions

Lorsque vous achetez votre kit de développement chez nous, nous pouvons l'expédier à travers le Royaume-Uni, l'Europe, les États-Unis, la Nouvelle-Zélande, l'Australie et le Canada, d'autres pays sont prévus prochainement! Alors achetez votre kit de démarrage pour le développement de films aujourd'hui et plongez-vous dans le plaisir du développement de la maison!t!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The Perfect Starter Pack

Having not developed for 10 years and this being the first time owning my own kit I wanted to get it right (and was very happy when it worked well!), and this supplies everything you need minus the chemicals and storage bottles (which I think are best to look around and choose whats right for you anyway), arrives in a good sized box which I have continued to keep the equipment in after using. Everything you need without any wasteful extras.

Home set-up complete

With this, a changing bag and a few chemicals, I now have all I need to set up at home. My local lab has always been great but I wanted more control of the development and can now play around with the proccess to my hearts content. Saving money on developping also means I now have more to spend on film!

Great kit for home developing

This box has pretty much everything required to develop B&W film at home. The equipment feels well put together and made to last, the tank fits up to two 35mm rolls and doesn't leak, and the thermometer is easy to read. Since purchasing, I have successfully developed numerous rolls of B&W film using this kit.

I bought a film cannister opener (glorified bottle opener), and some chemicals separately.

Occasionally film will snag & pop off of the plastic reel when loading - most often towards the end of the roll as the tension increases. I've found this can be mitigated by guiding the film with my thumbs into the cassette while using very slow cranking movements.

Developing starter kit

The kit contains all the basics for home film processing in a darkroom except the chemicals. I also purchased a dark bag as I don't have a proper darkroom.

Excellent value and quality, quick efficient service which has meant that I can continue to work at home

Starter kit for home developing.

Does exactly what it says. All I needed was chemicals - apparently there's a lot of choice!
As a beginner at this I chose a intro pack from Ilford.
The developing kit had all I needed except a dark space to load my film. I made a bag from old heavy canvas and a rug! It worked.
If your just starting out this has more than you need, as you could replace the measuring tubes with other things, your just measuring quantities. The thermometer is great, small scale so easy to get it bang on!
Best part is, I could actually develop my own negatives at home, nervous at first but actually really straight forward.
Now I need to get a good method of scanning them.