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Lomography Digitaliza - 120 Film Scanning Mask




Digitaliza ti dà il pieno controllo creativo delle scansioni di film medio formato!

Da utilizzare con qualsiasi scanner piano retroilluminato, questa maschera consente di scansionare panorami, fotogrammi sovrapposti, fino al bordo della striscia di film .

Il moderno meccanismo magnetico di DigitaLIZA mantiene i negativi sensibili in posizione in modo che tu possa scansionarli comodamente senza preoccuparti di graffiarli o appesantirli.

Facile, conveniente e lasciandoti in totale controllo creativo!

Dove spediamo

Quando acquisti la tua maschera di scansione di medio formato da noi, possiamo spedirla nel Regno Unito, in Europa, negli Stati Uniti, in Nuova Zelanda, in Australia e in Canada, altri paesi in programma a breve! Quindi acquista oggi la tua Lomography 120 Digitaliza e tuffati nel divertimento della fotografia su film di medio formato!y!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ideal for scanning with DSLR

I thought I'd give this a go, to save money on prints/scans. Very easy to use and most importantly, this does hold the negative flat. The sample image looks slightly out of alignment but that's probably due to my camera not being perfectly straight, as I was using a normal tripod rather than an overpriced copy stand. The only slight... negative... for me is the size of the aperture. It covers some of the film markings and although for the vast majority of shots I would crop these out anyway, it's nice to have the option of the film clutter aesthetic.

Worth it

Definitely a big step up from the plastic flimsy Epsom mount. It still helps enormously to have flat film to start with. Even with this mask.

Works well five stars

I have now been using this for a couple of months and I am really happy to be able to report that anything I have tried it has handled well. From normal sections of negatives to the odd sized and badly cut ones. I have been able to get them to lay flat which means I have been able to digitise these old negs and then work on them in my computer.

I am really grateful that Analogue Wonderland have stocked and sold this product many thanks to you.

Makes life much easier

Before I got this, I was using a ghetto ass piece of cardboard with a hole cut to keep my negatives flat while I scanned with a digital camera. This is much easier to use, and the results are much better. My one criticism is sometimes it can be fiddly to get the film lined up and straight without sagging in the middle. Especially if you're trying to minimise how much you touch the negative.

Film sags a bit in the middle

The 120 film will sag a bit in the middle and thus will not be perfectly flat. When scanning with a digital camera, the sagging will affect frame edges perpendicular to the scanning mask, and the edges will not be straight in the scan. Not dramatic but noticeable. Depth of filed of my scanning lens seems to be enough to keep the whole scan sharp. Otherwise the scanning mask is simple and easy to use. Make sure you clean the metal and plastic plates to remove dust before use. When using them make sure you place them upside up so that they don't collect dust from surfaces. I have been able to get surprisingly dust-free scans by being paying attention to this.