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Portachiavi per fotocamera con pellicola Lomography LC-A +

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 Una replica in miniatura di un'iconica fotocamera Lomography: la LC-A!!

Ridimensionato a 20 della fotocamera originale, quella che ha dato inizio a tutto per Lomography, questo portachiavi è un fantastico accessorio per mostrare la tua dedizione analogica ovunque tu vada. Con una chiusura a strappo per un fissaggio sicuro, può aggiungere un tocco di bontà da fotografia cinematografica al tuo set di chiavi, alla cerniera della nostra borsa fotografica o in qualsiasi altro luogo che trarrebbe vantaggio dall'aggiunta di una piccola fotocamera!ra!

Customer Reviews

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Love it, love it, love it !

Bought this partly out of curiosity and partly to fly the flag for analogue photography. I love it, the detail is awesome and it sits lovely next to my car keys. It’s been a great little talking point with a few people who have spotted it, and the metal film holder comes in really handy too. I was over the moon to get the Diana keyring in my first wonder box too and that now sits with my house keys

Christmas Present

This was a stocking filler for my son. Loved it

Fun Gift.

This was a novelty gift for my nephew who I am introducing to film photography. I gave him a 35mm SLR and some film for his Christmas and he was delighted.

Very well detailed, cheep and cheerful

The details are great, I do get the impression that you’re going to lose this one as quick as any you’ve bought on holiday before the chain and clasp seem very femmer, time will tell on that one. I would say it’s still worth having for the novelty though :D

Cute little keyring

Lovely representation of the Lomography camera with a high quality finish, and the perfect size for your keys or to place on a camera bag. I had a little trouble with the clip to begin with, as it was quite small and hard to get it to work in order to place onto my keys. However, this was easily resolved after the first use.