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Rollei CrossBird Slide - Pellicola 35mm




Crossbird è una meravigliosa film da 35 mm di diapositive che Rollei ha realizzato per un doppio scopo. Lo raccomandano come film speciale creativa cross-process: questo significa che lo riprendi in situazioni che avranno un bell'aspetto con verdi brillanti e cambi di colore `` ultraterreni '', quindi elaboralo in colori negativi C-41 invece che con diapositiva E6 chimica per ottenere risultati brillanti e stravaganti.

Oppure si può sparare 'dritto' come un film di diapositive, elaborarlo in E6, e beneficiare di elevato dettaglio e fedeltà dei colori della pellicola per diapositive.

Tocca a voi :-)

Ad ogni modo, essendo una delle pellicole per diapositive da 35 mm più convenienti sul mercato, vale sicuramente la pena provare!

Disponibile anche in120 medio formato



Formato: 35 mm
Colore: Colore
Genere: Diapositiva
ISO: 200
Esposizioni: 36
Dimensioni confezione: 1


Dove spediamo

Quando acquisti la tua film fotografica da noi, possiamo spedirla in tutto il Regno Unito, Europa, Stati Uniti, Nuova Zelanda, Australia e Canada, altri paesi in programma a breve! Quindi acquistare Rollei Crossbird 35 millimetri film diapositiva oggi e di nuovo tuffo nel divertimento del mezzo film fotografia formato!y!

Customer Reviews

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Robert Paliotta
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Something different

Huge grain and yellow shift. It's not a serious film but I've managed to get some interesting shots out of it and may shoot it again.

Jamie Harrison
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder

Really nice film, had a lot of shooting this. The colours are great. I shot this at a beach with reeds and sand dunes and they turned out great.

Liam Fitzpatrick
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Rating only based on my mistakes

I shot this in a point and shoot with a DX code reader and this film doesn’t have a DX code so my shots were overexposed by one stop. I thought this would be fine but I forgot that this is slide film and metering needs to be precise. Some images were nice and golden otherwise were sickly green. I had fun with this film and would shoot it again for sure.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes
Great colours

I love the colours this film brings out. I used this in an Olympus Trip 35, and being a total beginner a few shots in the sunlight came out a bit damaged, but at the same time, they look pretty cool, and that is what film photography is all about.
Really enjoyed using this film.

Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
Use it carefully.

Shot at 200 in Olympus XA and processed as c-41.

A review of of this film I read elsewhere included the term 'super grain' - it was right, so be prepared for that. Don't use this film on a special occasion, for your once-in-a-lifetime holdiday memories, because whatever colours you end up with, detail will be lost in the grain. If you can, keep it in a camera that you don't need to use all the time so that you can pick and choose when you use it and bring it out when you think you might get something interesting. In the right circumstances it can give a surreal, dream-like quality. From my film I would say that it struggled with deep shadows but, on the other hand, didn't need full sun - I loved the drama it gave to an overcast sk; and it looked most 'normal' with clear blue skies and winter trees and no greens or yellows to work on. Some of the pictures I got with it I liked very much and will probably use it again sometime.