Delivery FAQs

If you have questions or have had issues with your delivery please check the common questions-and-answers below.

If after checking through you still need help then please call us on (+44) 01494 325970 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Standard Delivery Questions:

How long will delivery take?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 working days of order confirmation. Please note that we do not work weekends or bank holidays.

If you are in the UK then delivery time will depend on the shipping service you bought:

  • Standard Tracked Shipping: 2-3 working days from dispatch
  • Premium Tracked Shipping: 1-2 working day from dispatch
  • Free Tracked Shipping (for orders over ¬£50): 2-3 working days from dispatch


For International orders then delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the specific country.

For all orders - UK and International - you will have a tracking number sent to you at dispatch to understand exactly where your parcel is and where it has been so far.

I haven't received my shipping confirmation email?

Dispatch typically takes 1-2 working days from the order being placed, with priority given to Premium Tracked orders. If you are still within this timeframe then please be patient :-) If you have an urgent need for the film - or you need to upgrade your order from Standard to Premium - then please give us a ring on 01494 614514 or email and we will be able to help.

If it has been longer and you still haven't received a dispatch email then check if you opted to receive SMS (text) updates instead.

If not - then please get in contact asap and we will work to resolve.

The Royal Mail tracking system says my parcel been delivered but I don't have it?

We're sorry for the inconvenience, this happens rarely but it is a pain! Firstly check that your address was correct on the order confirmation email. If so it might be a delivery issue.

Having discussed this at length with Royal Mail Head Office about this issue, their guidance is to follow these steps:

  1. Check outside/round the side/in bins or other potential 'safeplaces' as your postal worker will always try to be helpful and make sure your parcel is left for you - from experience these aren't always the most obvious places!
  2. Ask your neighbours if it was left with them
  3. Talk to your postal worker the next day on their round (if possible) to ask them
  4. Phone your local Post Office and ask them to investigate: they should provide you with an 'Enquiry Reference number' - please save this!
  5. In +90% of cases steps 1-4 is sufficient to flush out the missing parcel. If this hasn't happened in 3 days after reported delivery then please call us on 01494 614514 or email us at and let us know - please provide your order number and the Enquiry Reference number that your local Post Office gave you so that we can easily escalate with Royal Mail Head Office. Please note that if we haven't followed steps 1-4 then they won't accept escalation and will recommend that's where we start

We will always work with you on locating your films and making sure that you don't miss out - if they don't turn up after all of the above we will fully refund/replace your order and take up the claim ourselves with the Royal Mail for recompense. You will not be left out of pocket for their mistakes.

As I say: very rare, but worth being clear just in case you are unfortunate!

The Royal Mail tracking system says my parcel is in a depot and it hasn't moved for several days? 

The most common reason for this is an incomplete/unclear postal address. Your order gets held while the Royal Mail detective team work out the exact building and location where the parcel needs to be delivered. Unfortunately this cannot be accelerated - and you cannot pick up the parcel from the depot itself. Please be patient while they process the order and - if you have a customer account - let us know so that we can update your postal address in the system for future orders.

There are also rare cases when the tracking system has not scanned, or has scanned incorrectly. In this case your order should still be making its way to you: you can contact the Royal Mail via their Royal Mail complaints page or by calling them on 03457 740740 to understand exactly what's happened.

Why have I been asked to pay customs charges (overseas customers only)?

If you have bought from us and you live overseas then you may be liable for some local import costs. This is true for all cross-border shipments, and not unique to Analogue Wonderland.

Since Brexit this is also true for EU customers, as the UK has now left the EU Single Market.

This means that you will be responsible for all local customs payments - including local sales tax, duties charges, and courier admin fees. These vary by country so please check with your local postal service or tax office for more information.

Depending on your country's laws you may be asked to pay these costs before you receive your parcel, at the point of receiving your parcel, or after receiving your parcel. Again - please check with your local offices for clarification.