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Cyanotype Kit - Starter Pack

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Hand-coated and individually wrapped, these Cyanotype kits are the perfect introduction to analogue photography.

Using simple Victorian processes, sunlight and water you can create unique and interesting images in your home or garden!

Size: 6" x 4" 


  1. Put on non-porous gloves before touching the coated paper
  2. Open the pack INDOORS and away from daylight/windows
  3. Place flat objects on top of the green area in your chosen design (flower/leaves/anything with a strong silhouette will work well!)
  4. Cover with clear plastic or glass. Ensure nothing else obscures the green area
  5. Leave outside in sunshine/daylight or under UV light
  6. Green area will change to brown/grey (bright sun = 5-10 mins; cloudy weather = ~45 mins)
  7. Remove from daylight/sun and rinse in tepid water
  8. You will be left with an unique permanent blue & white cyanotype sunprint!


Health and Safety

Not a toy. Paper is pre-coated with chemicals. Do not eat, ingest, or rub on skin. Use non-porous gloves if possible. Wash and dry hands thoroughly after handling. Use within 6 months. Do not leave within reach of children or animals.


Photos (c) Sandra Camacho and Kalliopi

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