Analogue Wonderland Halloween Film Deals!

By Paul McKay

Halloween is fast approaching - with costumes, parties, and other no-miss photographic opportunities!

You can use our new product filter to search for films over ISO 800 to ensure your camera is loaded with the fastest films available, whether that's Instax, 35mm or 120. However we've also popped in some special deals for you to help make the most of Halloween season!


High-Speed Kodak 35mm

We have a large batch of Kodak TMax P3200 film at a special £5-only price! The reason for the discount is that it's expiry date is Nov 2019 - but this is newly-produced film with a deliberately conservative expiry as Kodak R&D team wanted to check 'real-world' usage before putting up the lifetime.

It's been properly stored since manufacture so in reality this film should perform perfectly well throughout Halloween and deep into 2020 - it's simply a great opportunity to shoot high-speed B&W film for less!


TMax P3200 Halloween Film Deal


EXPIRED Single-Use Camera

Aaaaaah this camera has...EXPIRED!

Oh hang on, that's not terrifying. It just means that it should have been used by September 2019! Once again I wouldn't be too concerned with the date: there may be a couple of artefacts but it's been properly stored all the way into your delivery so even that's unlikely.

So in fact you could pick up a waterproof single-use camera with built-in flash and wrist-strap for half price!

Waterproof so it will survive a drenching in disgustingly scary liquids like blood, slime or WKD. The film is colour, ISO 800, and should stand up to low-light parties with no problems - if in doubt get creative with the candlelight!

Grab one now before the bats steal them all...

 Water Sport Kodak Camera - Halloween Film Deal | Analogue Wonderland


Happy Shooting!
- Paul and Mary

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  • Hello how about developing and printing from a deposable camera do labs still do this ?.

    Mike Eldicott

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