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Ilford Multigrade Developer
Ben G. (Lewisham, GB)
Easy to use with short developing time for MGRC papers.

Photo by reviewer: Climbing Euonymus, Cheshire, 2024.

I have been using this developer with Ilford Multigrade RC DeLuxe paper (pearl). I am very pleased with the print quality and I expect to continue to use it as my preferred print developer for the foreseeable future.

My bottle was first opened a month ago and it still appears to be fresh (colourless).

I prefer this product to Ilford PQ Universal, at least with this paper, because the development time is shorter. I haven't used PQ Universal enough to establish any difference in print quality between it and this product.

This is a 1 litre bottle so occasional printers may find that this is too large a quantity. You may wish to check the keeping properties.

The image uploaded here is a photo of my print on Multigrade RC Deluxe paper (pearl) with Grade 2 1/2 used for the main image. Some burning-in at Grade 00 was used to lower the values of the leaves at the bottom of the image in order to hold the eye in the centre of the composition.

Ilford SFX 200 - 35mm Film
Ben G. (Lewisham, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: @bengorman78
An interesting, high quality infrared film with convenient handling properties.

Photo by reviewer: False Spirea Starburst, Cheshire, 2024.

I loaded this film and went out looking for subtle infrared effects in plants and leaves. The photographs I took were in shade rather than direct sunlight. I used a 3-stop red filter on the camera lens and therefore a tripod was needed. I have found that photographs made with this film without a red filter look very similar to normal black and white film images, so a red filter is essential if you are looking for effects.

This film should be handled and loaded into the camera in subdued light, although total darkness is not required. If you are developing the film at home, total darkness is required when loading the film onto the reel and into the developing tank, just as with regular black and white film.

This photograph of a False Spirea plant (above) was my favourite. I was delighted with the gentle glow of the leaves in the image.

Some previous testing with another roll of SFX film showed that, with my equipment, I needed to add an extra stop of exposure in addition to that determined by the through-the-lens metering (with the filter on the lens). However, I would advise bracketing in any case, because results can be a little unpredictable.

The film was developed in Ilfotec DD-X for the manufacturer's recommended time. I printed the image on Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe (pearl) at Grade 3. I applied some dodging to the centre leaves and a little burning to the leaves at the bottom of the image.

The image uploaded here is a photograph of my print.

Fujifilm Neopan Acros II - 35mm Film
Scott T. (Dunstable, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Travel, Studio work
Accreditation Handles:
I Love This Film

I love this film. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but I am almost always really happy with the results I get. I often question whether it's worth the premium, at nearly double the price of Ilford's films, but I keep going back and buying more. Enlarged to 11x14 from 35mm, my eyes aren't good enough to see the grain and it has a 'creaminess' that suits me. It works well in 120, too.

Kodak Gold 200 - 35mm Film
C. (Basingstoke, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Accreditation Handles: chlclif
Perfect as always!

Great for a nostalgic feel to photos very versatile and trustworthy

Kodak Gold - 120 Film
Julia (Birmingham, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes
Accreditation Handles: juliazolotovaph
Great for nature

Loved shooting the garden flowers with this film!!

Kodak Gold 200 - 35mm Film
Julia (Birmingham, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners
Accreditation Handles: juliazolotovaph
Always reliable

Always reliable to deliver really good bright colours, I use it to 'sketch' ideas on the Kodak half frame camera

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes
Accreditation Handles: Quellinimages
Fond of the sun

Took me a little time to get to know the strengths with Lomography Colour Negative on 120 roll. Sharpness is good with quite tight grain. There is a warmth to the results and this doesn't always seem to suite sunrises with slightly moody skies, but is quite nice with low sun in the evening somehow. In strong sunlight the film seems to deliver a crisp look with quite saturated colours. Greens seemed quite strong. I cant find a preset for my scanner, so I can't be totally sure of how colours are being affected. In my view this is a good film, well suited to bright sunlight and will handle verdant greens in landscapes well. It reminds me of Fuji films with the colours. I have shot it through a Mamiya C220, and an Agifold and I have just taken another roll out of the Agifold. I am quite keen to try it at night. I will certainly buy again as the price is quite good and results seem good for sharpness and saturation.

Adox CHS 100 - 120 Film
Keith S. (Wisbech, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: Keith "Tank" Sharples
A really nice retro look

This is just a lovely film with a nice retro look about it, and being a 100 iso has quite fine grain too...and as it's an Adox film, I shot it in my Adox Golf 63 6x6 folding camera.

Ilford Delta 400 - 35mm Film
Paula K. (Northampton, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: Instagram @citygirl1919
Ilford family never fails

I decided to push +1 one stop and shoot it at 800. Results turned out to be way better than I expected! I love these photos so much. Grainy, flexible, sharp. Ilford never disappoints.

Orwo Wolfen UN54 - 35mm Film
Paula K. (Northampton, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Accreditation Handles: Instagram @citygirl1919

Analogue Wonderland did not lie - it made my family vacation photos looks so retro, chic and cool! It's appropriately grainy, can play around with shadows a bit and looks amazing while shooting in broad daylight. Will buy again!

Kodak Tri-X 400 - 35mm Film
Michele W. (Oxford, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Low light/Night
Pushing at an open door

Not my first roll of Tri-X, but my first attempt at pushing any film, encouraged by the useful AW blogs amongst other things. Shot at 800 ISO in order to be able to hand-hold without flash at a science facility, albeit often with the lens wide open on my K1000. Processed accordingly by AW and I was super-chuffed with the results! The shots that I thought were most optimistic at the time are some of those I like best. Some cool effects from strong lights in darker places too.
Opens up lots more possibilities: am so glad I tried it!

Harman Phoenix - 35mm Film
Paula K. (Northampton, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work
Accreditation Handles: Instagram @citygirl1919

One thing for sure... This film hates shadows. So, some darker photos, came out like piss. But the ones centred around sun, during daytime, its colours were WOW. Colours are popping in this nice and exaggerated Technicolor way that I haven't seen any recent 35mm colour film to do. Would want to try to shoot it again but properly next time.

Flic Film Aurora 800 - 35mm Film
Paula K. (Northampton, GB)
Love it

It's amazing alternative to Kodak Portra 800 film. Relatively much more cheaper but great in quality. Rarely you can find any colour films which you can shoot not only during the night, but also during the day. Results at any time of the day, turned out to be amazing. Definitely do recommend.

Accreditation Handles: Instagram @citygirl1919
My favourite film developer

This is my favourite film development company. Analogue Wonderland always ensure to give great results back. Loyal customer.

Picture 1: Harman Phoenix
Picture 2: Kodak Tri-X 400
Picture 3: Flic Film Aurora 800
Picture 4: Orwo Wolfen UN54

Kodak UltraMax 400 - 35mm Film
Iryna P. (Brighton, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture
Accreditation Handles: inst @ayairra
My fav film!

My favorite 35mm film! Great for beginners, lovely grain and colours, definitely recommend ❤️ I’ve used it with different cameras and it’s always so so so nice!!

Accreditation Handles: @lamerlad on Instagram
Unusably under-exposed

I shot two rolls of BW film about a week apart, this film and a roll of Ilford Ortho 80. They were both shot using the same camera (a Pentax K1000) and the same lenses (K30/2.8, K50/1.4 and K105/2.8). They were both sent off to the same lab for developing and scanning at the same time. The Ilford film came back with excellent tonal range, etc. This film came back so under-exposed that there is barely any image on the film. The attached picture shows the negs of the two films, this one on the left and the ortho 80 on the right. (I simply taped the neg sleeves to the window and took a hand-held snapshot). Given other reviews are positive, I'm unclear as to why this roll was a total bust. Annoying, as who knows then I'll next be in New York so I can re-shoot these?

Kodak Gold 200 - 35mm Film
Rob (Fareham, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes, Travel
Good value film - nostalgic look

I really like Gold 200 - it produces that nice, vintage look to photos and is pretty forgiving when it comes to exposure. Not as good as something like Portra 400, but much cheaper.

Kodak Portra 160 - 120 Film
Dan G. (Lewisham, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Landscapes, Travel
Accreditation Handles: bussinboomer
Kodak Portra 160 120

My go to film for medium format!

Kodak UltraMax 400 - 35mm Film
Andy (Bromsgrove, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder
Excellent colours!

I'm kind of new to film photography and I'm very pleased with how this film performed, especially with the colours! I mostly shoot nature stuff and I love how vibrant everything is, very true to life.

Accreditation Handles: Bobnox
Great service, great results.

Having enjoyed taking pictures on 5 different films, I sent them for developing and high res jpg scans. Getting them back was exciting and I’m really pleased with the results - although I’ll open up an extra stop when I next use Phoenix.

AgfaPhoto APX 400 - 35mm Film
Chris B. (Hunstanton, GB)
Accreditation Handles: X @chrismojo
Still a bit too noisy for my ears

See above. As still a bit too noisy for me. As in even at box speed.

Super sharp

I'm still gobsmacked at the detail that medium-format negatives can hold and with the premium scan service from AW this is right there at my fingertips. In this image I love being able to see the detail of the stonework and the trails of individual water drops - super sharp! The darks are dark; the highlights are bright and if I do my part right enough to start with, everything sings out. And all with an almost embarrassingly easy process to send in the film. Gives me lots of incentives and confidence to keep going!
(FP4+, box speed).

Accreditation Handles: Michaela Heaver @MH_Film
Great service & quality

Lovely service, great communication throughout and free postage is a lovely touch. Dev & scan is great quality.

CineStill 50D - 35mm Film
Anonymous (New Malden, GB)
Perfect for: Travel

Overall, the 50D is a lovely travel film, which is something you want to record in analogue photography.

Excellent service

Great service, quality images, thorough communication.