We have recently partnered with Kamerastore in Finland to provide a range of vintage film cameras 🫶🏼

Secondhand Film Cameras: reassurance included

We are all familiar with the 'eBay roulette' wheel of film cameras! You excitedly bid, based on a description 'Exc+++ Condition', yet when it arrives it is in clear disrepair.

Even worse are the deliveries that look good, but as soon as you get the first rolls back you realise that the camera underexposes at fast shutter speeds - or has an intermittent fault with the shutter curtain - or any of the other issues that can build up in decades-old machines. In this situation you're faced with an uphill battle to get your money back, or finding someone to repair the camera but without a clear diagnosis.

We don't currently have the internal expertise to source film cameras, check and repair them ourselves, and offer to you with the level of confidence we want.

So we have partnered with the European experts in film camera care: Kamerastore to source, repair and check film cameras that we can offer to you with full confidence that you'll be able to create incredible moments straight away!

Hasselblad in Repair


The 11-Point Health Check

Every camera listed on our site has gone through an extensive 11-point health check to ensure that we - and therefore you - are absolutely comfortable with the camera's condition and performance.

That includes checking all external functions like buttons and dials, then using film-era equipment to test the shutter speeds, light meter and curtain behaviour. Focusing, be it range finder or mirror, is checked using calibrated lenses and special targets, as well as collimator tubes.

In short, the product is thoroughly checked by skilled technicians before it moves along in the process - at that point we know exactly what we have and we can be clear about any flaws in the product description.

You can read more about the specifics on our 11-Point Health Check article.


Vintage Camera check


6 Month Warranty

We are so confident that your camera will arrive in fantastic shooting condition that we offer a 6 month warranty on all our Vintage Cameras. You can see the full details here: 6 Month Warranty.

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