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Photographic Film Reviews

A series of community-lead and shop articles. Some are on our latest news and products launches, some are showcasing community events, and some focus on the best films for different photographic situations. Enjoy exploring!

Recent Posts

  • Kosmo Foto Mono Review

    Jan 09 2021

    As one of the latest films included in the Analogue WonderBox Film Subscription, below you can find a sum...

  • Kodak Portra 400 Review

    Dec 14 2020

    This Kodak Portra 400 film review is the final of the 2020 series for the Analogue WonderBox Film Subscr...

  • Adox HR-50 Review

    Dec 07 2020

    Welcome to our Adox HR-50 review: helping you understand the unique origin story of this film and how to ...

  • Fomapan 200 Review

    Nov 16 2020

    Our Fomapan 200 review pulls together the community wisdom on Foma Creative with sample images, recommen...

  • Ilford XP2 Review

    Nov 09 2020

    Our Ilford XP2 review is our latest in the series that aims to share community wisdom back with all membe...