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The Best Film Photography Guide for Beginners

By Marina Llopis

Hola! I'm Marina from IFWEFILM! How nice to meet you here!

If you are reading this, you've probably been curious about how to start taking analogue photos and enjoying all that film photography has to offer. I can definitely understand that - the magic of taking pictures on film can make anyone fall in love!

So first of all, I want to give you a very warm welcome to the wonderful world of film and secondly, tell you that you've landed in just the right place. Let's get started!

It's possible that film photography might seem a little bit intimidating at first since there are a few new concepts to learn, but honestly once you have the basics crystal clear, the rest is pure experimentation and joy.

That’s why I created this guide for you!

This guide has been built to make your entry into the world of analogue photography as easy and clear as possible. That means that I’ve put aside complicated technicalities and simplified as much as possible to give you the essential information in a really easy way.

To help make it a fun and accessible journey into film I have divided the guide into sections; Part One will cover Analogue Cameras, Part Two will guide you through the basics of films, and Part Three will help you decide what to do after shooting your film.

Part One: Learn About Analogue Cameras

In Part One Marina discusses the basics of analogue cameras and where to start.

Part Two: Learn About Different Films and Formats

In Part Two Marina teaches you the basics of films and which are ideal to start with.

Part Three: Learn About Film Labs & Home Developing

In Part Three Marina talks through the options you have after shooting your film.

Visit The Wall of Inspiration

Sample shots from our community. Take your time, flick through, browse, and find the right film for your project.

Analogue Wonderland's Favourite Films

Ilford HP5 at 1000 ISO

The contrast and grain structure totally come into its own. Expect an impressive dynamic range with expressive tones - Alex

Kodak Gold 120

I love shooting Kodak Gold 120 on a sunny day. The colours are fabulous and the it is an affordable colour 120 film option. - Karen

CineStill BwXX 120

It has lovely contrast straight out of the camera - I love it for portraits. It brings out the character without ever looking overdone. - Paul

Ilford HP5 at 400 ISO

I love HP5 because its so versatile and forgiving. It's great for when you are first starting out. - Emma

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