At Analogue Wonderland we believe that film photography should be fun and accessible for everyone. This is a core belief for our team and organization, one of our founding principles, and something that we try to live every day.

As we’ve grown in the analogue industry we’ve heard from different groups within the community that they’ve found certain aspects of film photography highly inaccessible.

For some folks those events are photowalks - for others it is photo competitions - for others its funding and sponsorship for projects. The specific reasons are varied and complex across groups, and typically reflect ingrained and historic issues in society.



What does this mean for AW?

Although not everything is in our control, we stand by our mission of making film photography fun and accessible for everyone by doing everything we can to create safe and inclusive spaces within the film community. And that often means creating smaller events and moments that allow marginalised and/or under-represented groups to flourish.

So while we will continue to run events, competitions, in-person events and promotions throughout the year that are open for the entire community, there are certain occasions when we will restrict access to an activity to protect the interests and participation of under-represented groups.

Specific examples include our #SheHeartsFilm project, our queer photowalks, and our celebration of Black Lives Matter.

We are lucky to have a diverse team within Analogue Wonderland who work hard to address the wider concerns of the community and ensure that this targeted inclusion is allowing more people to experience the joy of film photography - which can only be of benefit to us all.

If you have any questions or concerns about our approach to accessibility then please get in touch

We also are very aware that we don't have all the answers and cannot represent all people perfectly, so if you personally have any suggestions or ideas to help make the film community more open and accessible to all then we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Happy Shooting!
- Paul and the AW team