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127 Roll Film

127 film was introduced by Kodak in 1912 for using with one of their earliest folding cameras, and it was only discontinued in 1992. Millions of cameras were made using this format across the intervening decades. With an image height of 4cm, the 127 roll film sat nicely between medium format and 35mm, and therefore brought a compromise between image quality and convenience that neither of those formats could match.

It is a roll film, like 120, and was commonly referred to as ‘Vest Pocket Film’ as the first 127 cameras were often marketed ‘Vest Pocket Cameras’ to emphasize their small carrying size when folded down.

Fortunately, these cameras do not need to sit in hibernation any longer, thanks to Rera Pan — a Japanese brand that cuts and spools film to the 127 film size. So if you have an old camera, buy 127 colour film or B&W film from Analogue Wonderland today and bring it back to life!

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HP 400 Film 127 B&W ISO 400

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Rera Pan 100S - B&W 127 Film

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