We know that problems and issues can happen at any moment with your precious film cameras. Fortunately we have some wonderful camera repair folk who can bring (most) cameras back to life!

We recently partnered with Dan Ho - he spent years repairing film cameras in Hong Kong before relocating to Edinburgh. Hit the button below to submit your repair request and he will in touch with a quote and next steps!

Book your film camera repair

The button will take you to a simple form asking for more details on your film camera and the issue you've noticed - as well as your contact details. Dan will reply by email with next steps.

Book your repair

Other repair companies

If Dan cannot fix your specific camera - or you want to get a couple of different quotes - then I have had great personal experience with these other fantastic repair folk.

CamerasByMax: https://www.camerasbymax.co.uk/pages/book-a-repair

PPP Repairs: https://pppcameras.co.uk/bookarepair

A company that I've never used personally but has good reviews from the community is Luton Repairs: http://www.lutoncameras.co.uk/

and I'm sure there are others too 😊 Let us know if you have a recommendation to add!