Expired Film

What is Expired Film?

'Expired film' is a term for all rolls of film that have passed their 'Process By' date. However this date should be thought of as a 'best before' rather than a strict 'use by'! The films will - in most cases - still be usable for taking great photos but you may see some loss in sensitivity, greater contrast, lower saturation, and unpredictable effects on the final frames. The exact level of change versus the fresh film will depend on a few factors, including (1) how long it has been expired (2) how well it has been stored (3) the quality of the underlying chemistry.

On this page is where you'll find all the expired films and short-dated films available to buy from our store. Please note that we can't guarantee results with any films past expiry date, but we do store them all in our climate-controlled warehouse to maximise shelf life.

An opportunity to enjoy films that aren't normally still available or a chance to pick up a great deal on short-dated films: enjoy!

Ferrania Solaris 200 - 35mm Film 16exp - EXPIRED
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Ferrania Solaris 200 - 35mm Film 16exp - EXPIRED

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