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620 film was first introduced to market by Kodak in 1932. It has exactly the same image dimensions as the better-known 120 film but the spool is slightly different. This means that 620 film cameras will not be able to accept the 120 spool.

Kodak had intended that 620 film would replace 120 but this never materialised. Despite 120's dominance across the 20th Century, the big suppliers only stopped production of 620 in 1995. Fortunately for box camera lovers all round the world, this wasn't the end of the format. There are now a couple of small independent manufacturers who hand-roll 120 films onto 620 film spools.

So if you have an old box camera or vintage folding camera that don't quite accept 120 spools - grab some of the below 620 films and bring that camera back to life!

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