An FPP-sort-of-week

By Paul McKay

A parcel has made it over from New Jersey - loaded with fun items and new cine-toys!

So we have decided to celebrate by inviting the brains/hands behind FPP - Mr Mike Raso - onto this week's Film Photography Club livestream! Let's first check out the films that have landed:

35mm films for new creations

We have brought across three new 35mm films, all of them unique in their own way.

First up: Blue Sensitive! An ISO6 black-and-white film that is particularly sensitive to the blue part of the light spectrum and creates incredibly creamy images in monochrome magic

We also have Super Positive - another black and white film, but this was originally created for the study of fingerprints!

It is ISO 0.6 - and when developed in normal B&W chemicals will return a positive image.

And finally Red Scale - unsurprisingly a redscale 35mm colour negative film for delivering lovely warm tones of red, yellow and orange across your images. ISO 25 but you can shoot over- or under-exposed for different colours. Have fun and experiment!

Cine Film Renaissance

We have also shipped across some exciting cine films to continue expanding our movie film range: particularly for shooters of the regular (double) 8mm cine film and 16mm. So dig out those incredible movie machines and start capturing magical moments in the sun :-)

Catch up on our Youtube hangout with Mike!

We had an absolute blast with Mike - we put him on the spot with your questions, plus the latest 'How Well Do You Know...FPP!', a Giveaway, a discussion on the future of film, and an intriguing secret video of a dance interview...

If you couldn't join us live then don't worry: you can watch 'on demand' below!

Next week: Lomography join us to discuss some of their new products, insights, and ideas!

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