Black Friday 2019!

By Paul McKay

It's that time of the year when we pull together a couple of different deals and ideas to (hopefully) brighten your Friday and maybe give you some extra pre-Christmas gift ideas...

We have built upon what people liked about 2018's event, and added some new ideas that you sent us on Instagram - so we have FOUR different elements to Black Friday 2019.

Black Friday Mystery Box of films


The Mysteries

1. The return of the Black Friday Mystery Box: back by popular demand and with EVEN MORE excitement and fun than last time! 5 different 35mm films; a mix of types, styles, brands, and expiry dates...guaranteed to provide some exciting opportunities to experiment and create

2. A Mystery of our suppliers has provided pre-loaded 35mm cameras with a mystery film! Shoot the camera, develop "as though it's HP5", then submit your best guess of the film on social media with the hashtag #mysterycamera for a chance to win some lovely goodies!


Mystery Camera


The Deals

3. Discounts on our 10-sheet packs of Ilford HP5 large format film: both 4x5 and 8x10

4. Savings on Dubblefilm and revolog 35mm films: for adding an extra level of creativity to your Christmas festivities


Dubblefilm deal


Happy Shooting!

Paul and Mary

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