Christmas 2022 FREE Sticker: Revealed

By Paul McKay

Welcome to the reveal of our Christmas 2022 design!

This is the FREE sticker that will go out with all warehouse orders placed from this afternoon. A gorgeous circular sticker 7cm across, featuring the one and only Rudolph the Darkroom Red Light 🦌


Rudolph the Darkroom Red Light


Sure, navigating through fog is useful on Christmas Eve, but a safelight for a nose? That's invaluable all year round 😂



Credit to Colorblind Cowboy for the original joke in reply to our September request. They've since deleted their Twitter account, but you can see the replies from the time here!




Pick up a restock on your favourite films - or get ahead of your Christmas shopping - and you'll get a FREE sticker featuring Rudolph's print party automatically included in your order.

No code needed - while stocks last.

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