Moonstruck 35mm Dubble Film - The Birthday Celebrations Continue

By Paul McKay

Moonstruck Dubble Film

We return to our conversations with Adam from Dubble to discuss the second emulsion that he created: Moonstruck 35mm. This was released at the same time as Sunstroke on the 31st October 2017 (read yesterday's article all about Sunstroke here) so is coming up to it's 1 year birthday along with the Dubble Film company itself. A very different film to Sunstroke, let's explore where it came from.

 moonstruck 35mm dubble film - analogue wonderland

So Adam - tell us what inspired Moonstruck. The look and the name!

I wanted something that made the shadows a bit more electric, this in turn effects the highlights and while we were testing it felt like the polar opposite of the Sunstroke, the moon! It was important when we started the films to make sure people didn't see us as 'just that light leak film' and the look that you get from Moonstruck is of course totally different. So we think they work well as a pair.

We launched it at the same time as Sunstroke so it made sense to choose a name that had a similar sound but would feel totally different. I think there's a nice symmetry, and people responded really well.

Also interesting story: when we were testing the Moonstruck we wanted a blue gradient from top to bottom. I mainly shoot compacts so films are often loaded from right to left compared to SLR cameras. The blue was then coming from the bottom up. It was good that it happened as it made us go full frame and I think that’s when it clicked that there was more value in full frame effects.


What's the favourite photo you've taken on Moonstruck?

photo taken on moonstruck Dubble 35mm film - Analogue Wonderland

Aside from the deep moonstruck blue in the shadows what I love is the story behind this. One shot left of the roll and I had to convince my son who was moody after a long walk to wait for me to take this shot. He obliged. I also love the laces undone as they always seem to be on one shoe!


What's your favourite community photo taken on Moonstruck?

photo taken on dubble moonstruck 35mm film

This beauty from @radka.smolikova on Instagram. I love the lines, I love New York and I love the tones. I must say that one of the most gratifying parts of running Dubble is the amazing photos that we see every day on Instagram where photographers have used our films to create AMAZING images. Please keep sharing! It gets us through the tough days :-)


When do you think Moonstruck performs at its best?

Moonstruck works really well when you have a mix of heavy highlights and deep shadows. Also - appropriately for its name - it’s really cool at night.


Thank you Adam. If what you've read makes you want to buy Moonstruck 35mm then don't wait to head over and pick up a couple of rolls here.

Tomorrow: Monsoon!

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  • I had definitly overlooked this one of the Dubble films. I haven’t tried any yet, but this one will definitly be one to play with.

    Matt Parry

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