New Packaging! plus a celebratory discount...

By Paul McKay

Sometimes our exciting announcements are about new films, and sometimes they are about boxes! Guess which one this is :-D

What's Happening with Boxes?

We've pulled together the quick video below to show the new box and why it'll make life easier for you!

In summary the new boxes:

  1. will fit through more letterboxes 📥 so fewer people needing to be at home or nominate a safe place
  2. are more eco-friendly! ♻️🌍 Drastically reducing plastic use for the smallest orders we receive
  3. incorporate travel-friendly warnings on the sides ✈️ for making life easier at airport security (a benefit for the future...)

Let's Celebrate!

This has been several months in the works so we've set up a special discount code for their successful arrival: if you put 6 (or more) 35mm films in your basket then use the code:



for an immediate 10% discount!*


The code is only valid until Friday (24th May) so don't wait to take advantage of the saving :-)

Please note that although the new boxes are already phasing into our system, we still need to run down our old supplies so cannot guarantee exactly what packaging you'll receive. Also I was trying to be clever and make the discount code just apply to single rolls of 35mm but then realised that was making things way too complicated and the code applies to everything in the 35mm collection.

*Multipacks of 35mm film count as single items; discount cannot be used in conjunction with other codes.

Stay safe and Happy Shooting!
- Paul and Mary

Analogue Wonderland Packaging

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