Pinhole Photography Giveaway

By Paul McKay

Tomorrow night's Analogue Television episode is going to be awesome. Our focus for the show is going to be:

PINHOLE Film Photography!

Eric and Paul are going to be joined by the lovely Elvis from ONDU pinhole to discuss the basic mechanics of pinhole photography, what kind of film cameras are available for making these kinds of photos, and what are our favourite films for pinhole.

And to help bring the conversation to life - we want to see YOUR pinhole photographs! Not only will they have a chance of being shown in the show, but we are also going to pick an 'overall favourite' who will win a bag of pinhole-friendly film and...a brand new ONDU 6x12 Multiformat Camera!! (Ed: please note that when first published this was mis-typed as '16x9 camera' - apologies for the error!)

You can find out more about this incredible machine here - but trust me, it's a wonderful way to start/continue your pinhole adventures!

How to enter:

Step 1- Upload your film pinhole photo(s) to Instagram with the hashtag #AnalogueTelevision

Step 2 - Watch tomorrow's live stream (Analogue Wonderland YouTube at 8pm UK time) to enjoy the conversation, see other people's submissions and find out if you've won!

Step 3 - umm no that's it. Two steps

If you have previously uploaded a lovely pinhole image that you now want to enter then simply go back to find it - add the hashtag and it'll be entered. Usual T&Cs apply, multiple entries is allowed (encouraged!) and please help spread the word :-D

See you tomorrow evening!
- Paul, Ribs and Elvis

(NB: Neil Piper wrote an outstanding article on the topic of 'Best Film for Pinhole Photography' at the end of last year if you want some pre-reading...)

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