The Launch of Jelly Film - The Newest 35mm from Dubble!

By Paul McKay

Happy Birthday Dubble Film!

And what better way to celebrate than with some sweet dessert, a traditional birthday treat: Jelly! That's right, we are thrilled to announce the latest in the Dubble Film range - a gorgeous colourful emulsion that will sweep your images in hues from across the rainbow. As with the other films in the range this 35mm film was created in partnership with the outstanding KONO! The Reanimated Film and the genius behind that company: Mr Uwe Mimoun.

For this special extended Birthday Blog we will spend a bit of time asking Adam about the Dubble Film journey so far as well as the inspiration for the new film.

jelly 35mm film - dubble film - analogue wonderland

Adam - congratulations on making it to a year! Let's start with something easy: what made you start Dubble?

It started when I reached out to Uwe to do some kind of collaboration between my app (the Dubble app) and his film range called KONO! He suggested a limited run of film using our app as a basis for ideas and effects. The conversation started and after a few months dubble film was born! Initially we were going to do a limited run but it was too much fun to stop.

photo of adam from dubble film

We're glad you didn't! What's your film background?

I’ve been shooting since I got a 110 film keyring camera. I took it on a school trip when I was about 7 and the feeling of shooting it and the prints I got back (which were awesome) are imprinted on my brain.

Fast forward a few years and I became a professional photographer, eventually working for Lomography and setting up their UK subsidiary. Later I launched some photo applications and now dubble film!

What's your favourite film camera?

Actually I have two! For compact it would be the Canon prima 2 AKA SureShot Sleek and for SLR... the Canon F1. Wonderful selfies to showcase these machines below.

adam from Dubble film - with film cameras

What have been the biggest high and the biggest mistake of your first year?

For a highlight I'd have to say when Philip from The Darkroom in California met me at photokina to let me know that every day dubble films are arriving by post into his lab. The knowledge that halfway round the world people are using dubble films as part of their regular hobby gives you a great feeling.

As for mistakes it's actually quite boring but the stickers for the film cassette were a bit wide and would therefore peel off on the edges. It’s a bit lame and no one complained but it bugged me.

Which is your favourite Dubble film and why?

It changes depending on what I see on Instagram from people but probably the Monsoon or Moonstruck. Of course the Sunstroke as the first film we created will always have a special place in my heart/camera bag but Monsoon and Moonstruck produce the kind of tones I would try to achieve when editing photos on Photoshop.

Tell us about your new film: what inspired the name and look?

This is our birthday film and nothing is more birthday than jelly. Well in the UK at least. (Jell-O for our US audience) Rainbow jelly is also the coolest so we wanted something that looks like you were shooting from inside a bowl of jelly. I said jelly a lot didn’t I?


Jelly jelly jelly

Moving on :-) What's your favourite photo you've taken on this film so far?

photo taken of surfer on dubble jelly 35mm film

This was taken during a test roll. I’m always cycling around Barcelona testing films and to be honest i’m bored of always shooting the same things. Luckily the wind was strong and surfers were out. There weren’t many waves but managed to catch one surfer before the film finished.

And finally - what does the future hold for Dubble film?

More editions, more formats and improve the packaging.


Adam - thank you so much for your time over the past few days talking to us about all your beautiful films - and thank you on behalf of the film community for continuing to put your passion, time and money into creating new toys for us. Along with Uwe of KONO! you are both fantastic pillars for the new film industry.

If you are interested in trying the new film then head over to its product page and buy Jelly Dubble 35mm film! Or if you would prefer the full Family Pack we are going to be running a special offer on the new Extended Dubble Family pack until Sunday. Instead of the £52 RRP we will be selling all 5 Dubbles for just £45!

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