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JCH 5x35mm Film Case

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An essential piece of kit for the 35mm photographer - this beautiful Japanese-made case will keep 5 rolls of film snug and protected whether you're out for the day or for a long holiday. When a film has been exposed just turn it upside down to easily keep track! The simple design is easy to customise or label (one each for B&W and colour?) NB: films not included.

Pick your favourite colour to match your camera, bag, or hairstyle!

JCH = Japan Camera Hunter = Bellamy Hunt, a man with the most enviable job in existence. He lives in Japan and spends most of his time sourcing film cameras that are rare, high quality, and in demand across the world. Not satisfied with making people's wildest camera dreams come true, he has recently branched out into producing his own film in 35mm and 120 formats. His Instagram account is one of the most beautiful accounts on the site - and rightly one of the most popular within the analogue world.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of JCH


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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your JCH 5x35mm Film Case today and dive back into the fun of 35mm film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Just Tickety-boo!

Given the choice of carrying 5 boxes of 35mm film or a 5 roll box of 35mm film and carrying 5 rolls of 35mm film in the JCH Film Case, the case wins every time. It holds five films and fits in your pocket. the lid fits nice and snug too so even on the most horrendous of rainy days your film will be nice and dry. That's just tickety-boo in anyones book.


Great product, I already owned one then got a second free through the reward program. Great way to keep film together if you're not wanting to take a big bag and have them loose. Now I have one for colour and one for b&w.
Definitely recommend 👌


I recently took this to the Lake District and it saved so much room in my bag. 5 rolls is enough for one day of shooting. I’ve heard complaints that the plastic film pots that film come in when you buy them are more waterproof than this holder but I had a waterproof bag so it wasn’t a problem. I see this holder as a space saver, I popped the box and plastic pot in the recycling and was left with 5 rolls of film that took up no space.

Super handy!

Got this as part of the awesome Analogue Wonderland reward programme and I'm really happy I did. It's not something I thought I would use that often but I've found it great for storing exposed rolls while out shooting. I haven't used it for storing new rolls as I prefer to keep them in the pots and boxes until needed. While it's really only for use with 35mm if you only have a couple of rolls in there you can fit a roll of 120 on its side too (see pic). Some folks saying the lid is a bit loose but mine is rock solid. All in all a handy addition to my bag.

Does the job

It's made out of sturdy material, I'm happy with that. But I can't seem to get every day use out of it.
The case will only fit 35mm film canisters that have been removed from their pots. The pot lids provide a tighter and more secure fit than the case, so I don't tend to use the case. If the case fitted 35mm films inside their pot I would probably use it more to provide extra protection while hiking, but as it is I don't take it anywhere.
The lid of the case fits snugly but not tightly - as others have recommended I would suggest a rubber band around the lid if it's going in your backpack.
It's a good concept but since it only fits 35mm film without it's pot I really don't use it that much. If it was able to fit 35mm film including the pot, although it would be bulkier, I would be quite happy to take it around with me. As it is though, it just seems to sit on my shelf.