Are you looking for a fun way to advance your knowledge and experience of film?

  • Would you enjoy a curated choice of top-quality 35mm films arriving periodically through your door? Along with some special analogue goodies...
  • Regular inspiration, creative tips and tricks, some history about the films, and unique offers from global analogue brands landing in your inbox?
  • An ongoing unique competition with prizes to be won each-and-every month?

How does it work?

Delivered to your door

Get 6 films with your post every two months for just £50: less than £6/week. Shipped in our letterbox-friendly and recyclable packaging.

P&P is included within the UK!

Three 35mm films each month

All our subscribers get the same 3 films for each month: a mix of colour, B&W and rare - all 35mm format.

For example if you subscribe in September you will get September AND October films then your subscription will renew in November.

The story of the film

We email you each week with some information about one of the month's films - along with tips and tricks for getting the best from it's unique look!

Expand your creative options with knowledge and experimentation.

Learn together

We run an ongoing competition open only to subscribers, with prizes every month, for people to share their favourite photos and experiences with recent WonderBox films.

Learn and be inspired together!

Learn to create unique film photographs

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When can I subscribe?

You can subscribe at any time!

Within a couple of working days after taking payment we will send you the current box including this month's films and next month's films - and your next subscription will arrive two months later.

What happens after I subscribe?

We take payment and will then dispatch your films within 2 working days. After two months (in the first week of each month) we do the same again.

Every Monday we will send you an email with information about one of the films, or tips and tricks from the subscriber community, so that you can make the most out of each films and expand your creative experience!

We will also email you details about the rolling photo competition - how to enter, where and when the winners will be announced each month, and any other info you might need to get involved

How often do I get a parcel of films?

Every two months. The first will arrive a few short days after subscribing, and each subsequent package will arrive within the first week of alternating months.

So if - for example - you subscribe at the end of September then you will receive a parcel containing September and October films within a few days, and your next parcel will arrive at the start of November (containing November and December films). The one after will arrive at the start of January (containing January and February films) and so on.

Your card will only ever be billed just before your next order is dispatched, so in the 'off' months (October and December in the example above) then you will not be billed.

When will my films arrive?

Within a few working days of your first subscription, and then in the first week of alternating months after that.

So if - for example - you subscribe at the end of September then you will receive a parcel containing September and October films within a few days, and your next parcel will arrive at the start of November (containing November and December films). The one after will arrive at the start of January (containing January and February films) and so on.

Why don't you just send one parcel each month?

Sending one parcel each month to anyone is definitely simpler on paper, but from early discussions we think it might put subscribers under unnecessary time pressure to shoot their films.

We know that everyone shoots at different rates - some shoot a roll of film every week like clockwork, others save up and then shoot loads on a random weekend! - so by providing two months at once then you can flex to your own schedule.

It is also easier for us to manage the logistics, it costs less on postage across the year (which means we can include more premium films in your subscription for the same price), and it's better for the environment. All-in-all we think it's worth it!

How do I cancel the subscription if I change my mind?

At any time you can manage your subscriptions within the 'Account' settings of the website - including seeing when your next order is due, when the next payment is due, and with options to pause or cancel your WonderBox subscription. We want you to have full control of your subscription right from the start!

If you run into any problems you can call us on 01494 614514 or email and we will fix your issues.

What formats of film are included?

This subscription will only send you 35mm films. This is because it is the most popular format - so more photographers will be able to get involved - and because it is where there is most choice! We currently stock enough 35mm films to go several years without repeating any WonderBox :-)

How do I know that I'll like the films?

Each WonderBox will contain a variety of 35mm films: a mix of black and white, colour, creative, popular, rare, sometimes even limited edition or expired. The goal is to learn how to shoot each type, get to know the vast options available to 35mm film photographers today, and come to a clear understanding of your unique creative vision and ability to deliver.

So you may not enjoy every single result that you get, but each month will bring you greater knowledge and experience of shooting different films!

Plus you get the opportunity each month to enter your favourite photos from WonderBox films into the special competition open only to subscribers

How do I know that I'm getting good value?

We are working hard to keep film prices as low as possible for our daily customers as well as our subscribers.

Every WonderBox the 'market value' of the included films will equal or exceed £50 - and on top of that you will be getting extra analogue goodies in each monthly box, some unique AW merchandise, and free P&P (in the UK). If you are ever unhappy with your box then you can always contact us on and we will be happy to discuss your subscription.

Do you deliver the WonderBox internationally?

Absolutely! And already there are several subscribers around the world who are participating in the fun :-)

As with usual deliveries, international shipping costs will come on top of the WonderBox, and you are responsible for any applicable local import duties. Full details of our international shipping options and prices can be found here.