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Film Subscriptions: fun and creative adventures!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge and experience of film photography then subscribe to one of our exclusive WonderBox subscriptions!

You will get regular deliveries of film, hand-picked to give you the chance to try a wide variety of different brands and emulsions. You'll also receive weekly educational content and tips to help you make the most of the films, and continue your creative journey with film photography.

You'll also be invited to an exclusive Facebook group so that you can discuss your experience and ask questions with all the other subscribers.

A great way to experiment and learn about film šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸ

Each time a box arrives it's always full of interesting and varied films.
The introduction videos are really valuable too especially if it's a film you are not familiar with.
It is a treat that gives back in making you think about new and different ways to shoot"
Susie, verified subscriber

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Designed for film shooters whoĀ shoot a couple of rolls of film every month, and are looking to expand their knowledge and confidence in film.

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WonderBox PLUS

The films from the WonderBox, PLUS a coupon to cover developing and scanning those films with our Lab!

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Designed for film shooters who are ready to dive head-first into the vast array of films available to the modern analogue photographer.

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Which WonderBox is right for me?

If you are just starting out with analogue photography then I would recommend the WonderBox or the WonderBox PLUS - the only difference is that the PLUS comes with free developing and scanning of your included films!**

If you are ready to take the step up, then the WonderBox ULTIMATE comes with more films, a wider variety of films (including ones that are slightly more technical to shoot!), exclusive partner discounts with other film photography businesses, AND custom-designed goodies to help build your creative output.

-WonderBoxWonderBox PLUSWonderBox ULTIMATE
Film Format 35mm 35mm 35mm
Film Deliveries Every Month Every Month Every Two Months
Films in each Box 2 2 6
Delivery Date* The same date each month The same date each month The first week of every other month
Weekly Tips and Tricks YES YES YES
Range of Films Colour and B&W Colour and B&W Colour, B&W, Slide, Low-ISO, Specialist
Developing + Scanning Included?** - YES -
Exclusive Partner Discounts - - YES
Custom Film Goodies - - YES
Price per WonderBox Ā£20 Ā£40 Ā£60
Effective Price Per Month Ā£20 Ā£40 Ā£30***

*e.g. if youĀ got your firstĀ WonderBox or WonderBox PLUS on the 15th July, then you would get deliveries around the 15th August, 15th September etc. If you signed up for your first WonderBox ULTIMATE on the 15th July then your next delivery would be 1st week of September, then 1st week of November, then 1st week of January etc (every other month)

**Every WonderBox PLUS comes with a Ā£20 coupon for developing with the WonderLab. This will be enough to cover developing and (low-res) scanning for both films, but gives you the flexibility to pay a little more to upgrade the scans/add sprockets etc as you wish

***Billed every two months in line with your WonderBox ULTIMATE delivery

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