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Analogue Photography Book - Reference Manual for Shooting Film

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Whether as a primer or a reference manual, this is the perfect book to (re)kindle your love of analogue photography.

You may have found an old Konica at the thrift store or inherited a Leica, or you may be one of the many younger photographers who are being drawn to analogue for the first time, as a way to enrich and expand their practice. In either case, this book provides all the information needed to help you understand your camera and get out and start using it.

The fundamental technical sides of both cameras and photography are covered. There are, however, no tips on how to take ‘better’ photos, no sections on lines and shapes, silhouettes, texture or composition. This is purely a technical manual: once you have mastered the mechanics of photography, you will have total creative control over your camera, a tool for taking photos exactly as you want them.

"This is a book about the beauty of analogue photography, and a celebration of all these breathtaking magical cameras. It will connect these devices with a new generation of photographers, helping them not only to fall in love with them but also start using them again, with passion"
- Florian Kaps, founder of Impossible Project and Supersense



- 16 x 21cm
- 192 pages
published by Vetro Editions and Ars-Imago

Customer Reviews

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Stephane Leblon
Fab book

Really nicely done and put together, but like it says it's not a book to make you a better analogue photographer but if with this book you understand your camera, then you will become one!

Luke Farmer
Love it!

Really love this book. So nicely designed and fun to read. Perfect gift for someone who’s into all things analogue.

Brad Hodge
35mm Bible

An excellent book which serves as the go to for any 35mm photographer, whether you are just beginning or experienced.

Eilish Goodchild
A must have for any film photographer

An awesome book that I would recommend for every film photographer. It’s has all the information you need about your cameras tools, how everything works, how to use your settings effectively, skills, etc. A worth while read and very nicely displayed with diagrams and easy to read/understand text.


A beautifully designed book with well explained pieces, covering all basic information. Good for beginner or refreshing your knowledge.