Camerhack Fakmatic Adapter for 126 Film Cameras

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Customer Reviews

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Michael R. (Monsey, US)
Fakmatic in the Rolleiflex SL26 Camera

If you clip a sprocket every two inches, you will smoothly be able to advance film and shoot with the Rollei SL26 camera.
For color and panchromatic BW film, this task must be done in the dark.
Orthochromatic films (like Ilford Ortho Plus, Ferrania ORTO, FPP Sonic and others) can be handled using a Red 5w Red Safety Light. (Note that red bulbs from the party store are not Safe Lights and will fog your film).

Maksvelas (Vilnius, LT)
Don't listen to the name, it's actually good

This adapter thingy is very easy to use. A great alternative to reusing old cartridges!

Mr R.P. (Glasgow, GB)

I like a 126 camera. They're cheap and usually pretty nasty. It's a fun way to photograph.

The problem being of course that you can't get film anymore. The Fakmatic solves this by letting you load any ordinary 35mm film into your camera.

It's pretty good. You'll need a dark bag to load it. It does help to have used one before, as it is a bit tricky sometimes. It comes in two parts, so keep this in mind wgen loading your camera. The first one I used was a Kodak Instamatic 500, which is actually a pretty decent and solid camera, so it isn't too leaky; I'd suggest extra sealing precautions though.

You will also need to remember to fire 2/3 "blank shots" as a normal 35mm film has more holes than a 126.

If you have a 126 you want to dust off though, get on it.

Some sample shots. Nothing earth shattering, but gives an idea.

Ian T.
Super Simple

Extremely simple to use, but requires a bit of practise.

The first thing to note is which way the yellow wind-on spindle goes in. Get it upside down and you'll be upset..
The second thing is that there is no mechanism for knowing your film is finished, so I taped a match to the end of the film strip so that it met resistance at the end and I knew when I'd finished. If you go the old fashioned "count in your head" method, you'll get about 18 exposures from a 24 exposure roll of 35mm (assuming a double wind on between shots)

Well worth a go, and not every Instamatic is a plastic "fantastic". The 500 is fully manual!

Martyn W. (London, GB)
Well thought out cassette

Follow the video before attempting to load the device. I had a spare expired 35mm roll cut it to the advised length and practiced in daylight a few times as you will need to be in the dark for the real thing.It can be adapted for both top or bottom drive 126 cameras, ie Rollie 126 top, Ricoh 126 bottom. Follow the advice when moving to the next frame as 126 have only one hole every 35mm whereas 35mm film have several fooling the lever into stopping the advance prematurely. Really fiddly procedures but it allows use of your defunct camera. So please someone resurrect APS film next as I have several unusable lovelies !!

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