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Film Photographer's PhotoMemo Book - TWINPACK

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The Film Photographer's PhotoMemo Book is one of the most useful items you can have in your camera bag. Each double-page spread is designed to give you all the space and prompts that you need to make notes on a single roll of film: brand and type, ISO, exposure settings, which camera you used, what you wanted to achieve.

This means that when the film comes back from developing you have the perfect comparison to learn and improve in your film photography! What you liked, what worked, and also what didn't.

The twinpack has two books enclosed for twice the analogue adventuring.

The PhotoMemo Book is one of the amazing designs we have sourced from our friend Mike over at ShootFilmCo. Read our interview with him here!



The twinpack contains two separate PhotoMemo Books. Each book is 48 pages = room for notes on 23 separate rolls of film.

Cover: 100 lb. Neenah ENVIRONMENT Desert Storm (30% post consumer fiber). Interior: 60 lb. Finch Opaque Smooth Text (acid-free, archival quality).

Customer Reviews

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Oh my god how did I ever do without these...?!

Such a simple idea, yet so so useful.
Each double page spread gives you a pre laid out form to list any details that you need to remember from a roll of film. For example the date, the film stock, the camera used, did you push or pull? the subject, the ISO...
Under that you can then write whatever notes you like to help you remember the things that you just know you're gonna forget. I personally use mine extensively for pinhole. The camera and film combo. The metered exposure time. The subject...
Yes I could use a notes app on my phone, but this sits in my camera bag, with me knowing that its not going to randomly corrupt, crash, or anything stupid like that.
Highly, highly recommended.
Oh and at £10 for a pack of two, why wouldn't you at least try them?!

Awesome lil book

This is great for when you’re out and about shooting, it’s small and thin enough to slide into your bag!

Memoirs from the past

I Remember amateur photographer magazine selling these back in the eighties when i first started using SLR cameras a Ricoh KR10 these have been very useful to document film, times image number etc etc ,it was sad to see them go but so glad that they are back as they are a great way to learn and duplicate shots taken i use mine mainly for 4x5 or studio work and they look great, compact and fits into my side bag a treat.

Simple yet effective

I always thought “who would by a notebook, just to write up details of a shot they took..... I could make one myself..... “
Well, yes you could make your own..... but have you?
Have I? ..... No I haven’t.
So I bought a set, and although I haven’t used them yet, as I haven’t been out with film yet, the notebook is in my camera bag ready to use.
The books are small and thin, so are just the right size that they are not cumbersome to have with you....
A word of advice....... Remember to pack a pen or pencil in your bag to avoid disappointment the first time you remember to write in your notebook....

A good idea!

A handy little book, formatted so that you can list any details you want to when shooting film. Adds to the analogue experience!