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J Lane Speed Plates - 4x5 Plate Film - ISO 25

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Dry Plates for replicating photographic techniques and results from the 1880s! Wonderful glass plates, a true piece of history for the modern world.

Please note a couple of important points and there is much greater detail on recommend usage and tips below the specs table:

  • these plates are designed to fit dry plate holders which are different from sheet film holders - please ensure you are using the correct equipment to get the great results!
  • note the ISO is low :-) but if you're after something more true to the original technology then check out the J Lane dry plates (ISO 2)


Format: 4x5
Colour: B&W
Type: Dry Plate
ISO: 25
Exposures: 10
Pack size: 1


More Details for J Lane Speed Plates

These plates are coated with an ultra fine-grain, high contrast orthochromatic emulsion with response from UV through the visible spectrum up to 610 nm. The high contrast is excellent for alternative process printing or for printing onto multigrade paper at grade 0. The long toe of the characteristic curve preserves shadow details for scanning. As with other primitive processes, the effective speed of the plate will vary depending on actual UV levels. The emulsion has been designed to meter at ASA 25 under early spring northward lighting at moderate latitudes, but expect actual speed to vary by up to a stop or more.


The unexposed plates can be viewed and loaded under any darkroom safelight suitable for photographic paper. A locating notch similar to that used for sheet film is provided for locating the emulsion side of the plate. Orient the Plate with notch at top right and emulsion will be facing you.

Tray Develop under safelight 5 minutes at 68°F in HC-110 Dil B.

Developing by inspection, do not pull the plates until details are visible in the shadows.

  • 30 second agitation at start
  • 15 second agitation every 1 min after.

Acid or water Stop 30 seconds.

Rapid fix, same as for film, constant gentle agitation

  • Fix for double the clearing time, approximately 4 minutes

30 second water bath rinse

Hypo clearing wash 4 minutes if desired

Gentle agitation rinse in room temperature water

  • 5 minutes if hypo washed
  • 10 minutes if not hypo washed

Final dip rinse in photo-flo solution, set vertically to air dry.

Emulsion will be visibly swollen and shiny while still wet.

The non-emulsion “glass side” may have excess emulsion remaining from the hand-coating process. After developing, this excess emulsion can be removed with dilute bleach, disinfecting wipes, or equivalent. Easier to remove when wet.



Where we ship

When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your J Lane Speed Plate (4x5 ISO 25) today and dive back into the fun of dry plate film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Creative/Abstract, Studio work
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: @holga_pics
Great plates but much different experience

These plates are an amazing throw back to the beginning of photography. At ISO 25 and being Orthochromatic, exposing these plates is much easier in a studio (or it was for me).

Outside the time of the year matters to the ISO of the plate. In the Winter it can be hard to figure out the correct exposure settings. There are some online antique articles but they require a level of technical understanding that has passed me by.

The Plates ISO is for a particular time of year in a particular place (i.e. where Jason lives).

In England, in Winter ISO reduces to 1.5.

However when you do nail an exposure you also get an unreasonable amount of pride in what you have created, even with all it's flaws.

Have a go, really have a go. It's worth it, just don't expect every shot to be a keeper.

It's certainly cheaper than buying packs of expired 4x5 Polaroid or Fuji film.

You get a fantastic look that nothing else comes close to.