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Kodak - B&W Microfilm

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Kodak Direct Duplicating Microfilm 2468 is an ultra-rare, limited film kept alive by our friends at FPP.

This 35mm film has NO SPROCKETS. For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film. (Note that you may have to modify your bulk loader to accommodate sprocket-less film.)

Perfect for 828 cameras, spooling into 127 or 120 / 620 backing paper or shooting in 35mm cameras that allow use of sprocket-less films

Cameras that accept sprocket-less film:

  • Canon EOS 10s
  • Canon EOS 10qd

Also please note that this film produces a black and white positive slide when processed normal

Big thanks to FPP for the description and sample shot - I couldn't pretend the same level of niche expertise!


Format: 35mm Microfilm (sprocketless)
Colour: B&W
Type: Slide
ISO: 0.8
Pack size: 1


Customer Reviews

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Joe Horner
Really tough to work with but when it works it works!

Bought this as an excuse to buy a Canon EOS10 I'd been watching ("But I need the camera, Dear, or all that film will be wasted!") and really didn't know what to expect.

It's taken 3 rolls of experimenting to start getting results I like, partly because there's sooo little information out there on developing etc. Still not quite there but it's shaping up to be a REALLY punchy, high contrast, look that I happen to love.

The test shots were metered at ISO 0.6 (6ISO set on the EOS10 then +3.5 stops exposure compensation added to give TTL metering at "absurdly slow". Lens was a Zenit MC Zenitar 50mm F2 and an EOS adapter, wide open on all shots. Development ID11 stock for 6 minutes @ 20 deg C, 10 secs agitation then 4 inversions each minute.

The film comes out looking very grey and washed out, and it scans that way if you scan it as a transparency (at least, it does with Vuescan). But, if you scan as negatives, so Vuescan expands the dynamic range, then invert in your favourite image editor, the contrast knocks your eyes out! the blue sensitivity adds to the impact for a distinctly vintage feel.

Did take a little level adjustment on some shots just to lift the mid-tones a bit but nothing more than a simple slide of the mid-point.

Will really enjoy refining my use of this stock over the remaining 85 feet or so on the roll and hope to get to the point where I'm comfortable enough to buy more and give it that extra star which was removed for now because it's REALLY hard to get info on - "develops in standard chemistry", as the helpful note enclosed with the roll says, really isn't much use when there are hundreds of developers and even more development times out there and essentially nothing to compare with for a starting point!